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Thread: Trading Spouses 1/26 Recap: Perrin – Brown-Malone Trade, Part 2

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    Hi Latoya

    Every since I saw the show I have been trying to contact you. There are some things that we need to discuss but I would prefer to do it via email or maybe face to face. I want you to be encouraged about the whole ordeal. I know you are wondering right now who am I but I want you to email me to find out. I hate the fact that you all can not fix up your home maybe Fox can assist you in other ways since you did allow them into your home. Your daughter truly is a light. Keep being a good mother like I know you can be.


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    I think Latoya's racial issues are almost as bad as her husband. She probably has close to the same amount of anger as he does, but she just hides it a lot better. Abasi obviously didn't hide anything --- he flaunted his racial issues to a ridiculous agree. I do agree she is probably a much better parent than Abasi, but I doubt she would qualify as a good parent overall.

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