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Thread: Perrin - Malone-Brown Discussion Thread

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    I had a phone call from work and missed it too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muduh;2217516;
    How was the money spent after the little girl got the piano? I couldn't hear the rest of it.
    She gave the father an Aretha CD of Respect and all of the rest of the money would go to the daughter.

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    That's exactly what I told my husband I hoped she'd do. I didn't want that racist dad to profit one bit from his rude and stupid behavior.

    I sort of agreed with the other mom that the young mother and her daughter needed to get out of the house, or at least to stop treating the younger daughter like she was the maid.

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    I love how Marguerite distributed the money. That poor little girl will need every penny to pay for the therapy she'll need after spending her life with that disgusting bigoted hateful man.

    Did anyone else notice the editing at the end? LaToya was trying to talk to Shachaamah and Abasi kept mumbling away about how horrible Marguerite was and how he was justified in his treatment of her. Totally ignoring the fact LaToya was involved in a conversation with her daughter. Makes you wonder how often he pushes himself in front of the child.

    The comments LaToya made in her letter with regards to Ashley were uncalled for. She made her feelings clear to both Ashley & Marguerite, they didn't need to go in the letter. While we may not agree with Ashley remaining at home it's obvious it's the best choice for her daughter - with a lazy mom like that at least she's getting cared for by her grandparents.

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    And don't foget the Aunt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2214227;
    I sincerely hope that in the second half that Margarite puts all the money in a trust fund for Latoya's daughter so she has a chance to go to college. That will so piss off the mom and step dad but it will be a chance for that poor child to escape her parents and their racist rants.
    Dang! You hit the nail on the head! I'm glad that racist dad didn't get a penny. Too bad for the wife tho, she was ok.

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    I must be psychic I was hoping that Margaurite would put the money in a trust and give to Shack when she was 18 hopefully to go to college or somehow improve her life. I was so glad that was exactly what Margaurite did. I was appalled at Abasi's comment about giving Shack money for a piano. What a selfish, hateful man. Did he honestly believe that after the way he behaved Marguarite would give him any money? If he did he is even a bigger idiot then he is portrayed and that is saying something. I found it hysterical that both moms found their conversation with each other rude. I personally thought they both behaved well. Noone likes to hear criticism of their families, you have to be objective about it. I totally understand that Ashley is putting her daughter through a private academy. Still she came across as very lazy on the show and yes she should be doing more around the house. Do the dishes, clean, make dinner, mow the lawn contribute to the family not sit on her big fat butt and yell at Brooke to make sweet tea. I could have stayed at home once I had graduated but my parents made it clear that once I got a job they expected rent and grocery money. My mom wanted $200 - $300 a month for rent and that covered meals and getting my laundry done. That included me cleaning the house once a week. I would have loved to have been able to do that for a year or two after I graduated just to be able to pay off the car loan and student loans quickly and be debt free in a very short period of time. Anyway the family dynamic works for them and I thought the disturbution of the money was very fair. I did not think it was rude of Latoya to say that Margaurite would receive 10K only after completing a half marathon. She can walk that; it is only 13 miles. Think of it as a challenge and training for it as a way of getting healthier. At a 20 min mile pace it will only take a 4 hrs and 20 minutes.

    As for Abasi, what he did was so rude and inconsiderate. He has a major problem with listening to what other people are saying and understanding what they are doing. He is so full of hate and prejudice that that colors his perception of everything. When Margaurite wanted the butter to melt for the crab is was to be a good hostess and make the meal more enjoyable for Abasi's guests and his stepdaughter how he turned that around into a power play to usurp his position in the house hold is beyond me and then when Margaurite when to the neighbours to get away from him and to borrow butter, for him to imply she was on medication and having mental problems was insulting not just to Margaurite but to all those people who truly have problems. What I saw was a man who knows how to mentally abuse someone and it was done with malice and forethought.

    Althought it was nice to see LaToya and the Perrins help Jackie rebuild her home. BTW I cannot believe that Jackie had homeowners insurance and they only gave her a check for $200, that is criminal. Still charity does begin at home and Abasi and LaToya, need to concentrate on fixing their house for the next 6 months or so before they start fixing the world. I bet they spend all their extra cash on their projects instead of helping themselves. The condition of the house and yard speaks volumes to me. I sincerely do hope there are follow up interviews with both couples to see how they are now that the show has aired. I am sure that Abasi will say that it is all editing and that they made him look bad. Here is a hint Abasi, they cannot edit what you do not give them.
    No goat killers on my island.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Melsevene;2217041;
    Blaming another group of people because of their skin color or their beliefs doesn't make you right, it makes you prejudiced, no matter how loud you talk.
    I couldn't agree more. Would it have helped if I had figured out how to put "are" in italics?

    I never meant to suggest that he's 100% right only a tad too loud. I meant that when he does happen upon a valid point it will never be heard due to the abrasive way he puts the point across.

    I apologize for any misunderstanding Melsevene.

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    I laughed out loud when LaToya read that Abasi was getting a CD of greatest hits by Aretha Franklin called Respect!

    I don't know how long Shack has had piano lessons, but I was very impressed with how well she played the piano!

    I wonder if LaToya now realizes just how rudely Abasi treated the God Warrior. And thanks to her hubby, that's why they didn't get any money to fix up their house!

    I also noticed how LaToya and Shack were talking about something and Abasi went on and on about horrible Marguerite was. Shut up already!

    In the Perrin family, this time it was Ashley who bugged me the most.

    I wonder if some time next season they will have Abasi and LaToya back and trade spouses with another family so that they can show their "other" side like they did with the God Warrior this time?

    Next week's show looks good too!

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    Was I the only one wishing that Margarite would turn the God Warrior lose on Abasi? Old G W could have out yelled Abasi any day. Only problem with that is the little girl would have had to sit through it, too. She probably gets quite enough of the yelling.

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