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Thread: Hammond - Girone Discussion Thread

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    Hammond - Girone Discussion Thread

    Anyone wishing to discuss tonight's episode of Trading Spouses, feel free to jump in here. Below are the family bios from fox.com to peruse prior to the show.

    Meet the Hammond Family!

    There can be no doubt as to who wears the proverbial pants in this inter-racial family from Northern California. Mom, Alyce, runs a tight ship, of which husband Tim and daughters Chantel, 13, Jasmine, 10, and Adrienne, 6, are the well-trained sailors. It’s all about structure, order, organization, cleanliness, manners and discipline in the Hammonds’ household.

    Alyce’s life revolves around her family and church activities. She teaches Sunday school and holds Bible study meetings in her home. She takes care of the girls, shuttling them to and from church activities and sports practices. Laid back Tim takes a back seat to Alyce’s strong personality and seems content to spend most of his time in his den, watching sports on TV.

    While she identifies with the Black community and makes sure her girls realize they are from two cultures, Alyce has created an environment that goes against any kind of racial stereotypes. For Alyce and Tim, love has nothing to do with ethnicity and it’s strong values that make for a solid family. He has hopes of attending medical school and becoming a doctor.

    Meet the Girone Family!

    Don’t let the quiet atmosphere of their suburban middle-class neighborhood fool you: with body-covering tattoos, piercings in the weirdest places, hoop-stretched earlobes, muscle cars and extreme yoga, the Girones are definitely anything but a traditional family. Dad Tim, mom Barb and 9-year old Vincenzo lead an alternative lifestyle deeply rooted in their exotic interests, artistic pursuits and out-of-the box beliefs.

    Filled with religious and tribal art from all over the world, the Girones’ home reflects their rejection of time-honored, conventional roles. Tim spends a lot of time cooking in the kitchen, house cleaning and taking care of Vincenzo. Not surprisingly, the couple’s approach to parenting is rather liberal and based on love and a “live and let live” philosophy, whereby Vincenzo is encouraged to be accepting, to do the right thing and to express his individuality.

    Art is an essential part of the Girones’ life. Tim, who has been dubbed the “Piercing King of Western Pennsylvania,” owns two tattoo and piercing parlors. Barb is an art teacher. However, at night, the loving wife, nurturing mother and sweet teacher undergoes a radical metamorphosis and becomes…Sugar Plum Scary, the evil queen of roller-derby.

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    Whoa, the Hammond women are something else! Between Alyce & her mother you're going to accept Jesus into your life -- or else!! For two women who claim to be open-minded they were incredibly focused on letting the Girone's know they were heathens headed for hell if they didn't convert immediately.

    Unfortunately most of the episode was focused on this and we didn't get to know the families too much. They did touch on the Girone's parenting style and Tim Hammond's disconnection from his family but it's like they were fillers.

    At least they promised next week's ending is one we'll never expect

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    I haven't watched this show in a while but tuned in tonight. I can promise you that most Christian women aren't like Alyce and her mom. I know that whole "We will accept you as long as you believe as I do" attitude wouldn't fly in my church.
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    Mine either, dag, but I guess people from our churches never apply to be on Fox shows. That, or Fox isn't interested in presenting anything but the extreme, no matter what the issue. I'm not quite sure.

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    I don't see Alyce as an example of the typical Christian. She is, however, an example of a rigid, judgmental, fearful control freak who probably uses her religion to justify being that way.

    When you think about it, these shows tend to cast two kinds of people: rebels and controllers. It doesn't matter what their beliefs are, because that nutty vegan lady from a couple seasons ago was every bit as rigid as Alyce. I think the friction comes from one side's fear of being out of control, and the other's fear of being controlled.

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    I couldn't believe when the wife/mom arrived home to the meal her husband and daughters prepared for her. She actually looked pi$$ed or something. She never even said thank you. All she said was that she was not hungry. Come on! She couldn't at least sit down and take ONE bite??? What was wrong with her!?! Her husband even had to say, "Come over here and give me a hug!" The flowers sat untouched on the counter. It was sad seeing the husband and girls sitting there when the wife went to bed so soon after arriving home.

    I don't know how stable that marriage is. While I think the husband was definitely an absentee dad (even when he was home!), he at least tried with the barbecue and making the dinner. Wifey was just too much of a control freak. And very, very cold! Hopefully hubby will grow a spine and start standing up to his wife. I get the feeling that wifey does not include her mother-in-law in a lot of the family functions.

    I loved how at the end, when they were going over the letters, the husband was thrilled about the boat and pool, and the wife looked ill at the thought of either!

    I wonder if the agnostics will donate any of the money to a church. Maybe they could find a church that is collecting money for homeless centers or Katrina victims or some cause like that, and give the money to that. That couple at least seemed to be partners in their marriage. I can't say the same about the other couple.

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    Did anyone else notice how the children in the Hammond family didn't really smile? I felt very sorry for these girls. Happiness seems to be forbidden in that family, on the mother's side. I can't imagine how Mr. Hammond is existing in this marriage; it seems like a marriage that is in trouble. Mr. Hammond should have taken a look at Alyce's mother to see what his wife was going to be like, down the road. I feel sorry for him. He seems like a good guy, but he does need to get a backbone. They are in one ugly situation.
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    prhoshay, I completely agree. Alyce seemed to suck all of the fun out of life, making everything a drudgery. Plenty of Christians celebrate life and take joy in doing good works, but she seemed all about being negative and not enjoying anything, not even the effort of having dinner cooked for her. I don't think those girls have a good relationship to model their future spouses on either. Moya looked fun, and that's probably why she seemed banned from the house.

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    She's selfish and using religion as an excuse!

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    Helloooo again! I saw both episodes, but I'm sorry I did. Not very exciting or eventful at all. I thought both families were painfully annoying and any worthwhile conversations were *yawn-ingly* scripted.

    I will say that it's refreshing to see unhappily married couples for a change. Seems they are going with that twist now. Usually the couples try so hard to appear stable, healthy, happy, etc. But now I wonder how far this will go. Perhaps doing the show will be the breaking point for some couple...televised. Live. What's next? They actually "trade" spouses, for good?

    Nonetheless, I watched with waning interest until the last 5 minutes of the 2nd episode...

    When Alyce showed her true colors!!! She slips very easily into a Mother Monger. I really can't stand when the women try to "mother" their husbands too. That is sooo annoying...and if you notice, they usually attract mommy's boys waiting to be mothered... poor guy. Anyway, she did not got all huffy because of the actual drinking... clearly, that wasn't the only issue. I think she was upset because hubby wasn't placating her needs. I guess she didn't like not being the most important person in the house..if only for a minute or two. Afterall, that's why she had kids isn't it and now even THEY have the nerve to defy her???? :nono Christian or not, that woman has issues.

    What was up with all that crying in the Girone house? Vincenzo is a spoiled brat who puts on the water works when he doesn't get what he wants. Dad buys into it and he cries too. Then Alyce cries because Dad is crying, because Vincenzo is crying... GIMME A BREAK. That kid knows he doens't have to do anything he doesn't waaaaant to. wAH WAH wah. Yeah, he needs to learn about 'acceptance...' He needs to accept that life and society will expect more from him than self-entitlement. But no problem really...I'm sure mom and dad will be there to make up for any unpleasantries that dear, sweet little Vincenzo may encounter... even the horror of being savagely forced into listening to someone else read to him!!! oh perish the thought!! Nahhh...that wasn't it. I'm suuuure it was because of the religious material. Yeah, that was it.

    Talk to you later.
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