Wendy and Michael are among the biggest LOSERS imaginable. Kids with crackheads for parents aren't much worse off than those poor kids. Also, I didn't see anyone mention this... did anyone get a kinda' creepy feeling from the scene at the pond??? I have a feeling Michael may have married an old hag, but might be more fond of little girls. I hope the State of Colorado Child Welfare Dept makes a visit to this house and takes a deeper look into what is going on there. Those poor kids are being treated like dirt and Wendy and Michael are scum of the Earth. And how can Tom allow this to happen if he is such a "great guy"? Wendy likes to act like a high-society, high-class socialite, but look at her house...middle-class and in disrepair.... just like herself. I wish nothing but the worst for those two losers and I am sure they will get theirs, sooner or later. God save those kids!!!