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Thread: 11/10 Discussion Thread

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    I pray that the girl's dad will take the girls to live with him. I honestly cried watching this one. Michael is so jealous of the girls and he said week one that all he wanted was Wendy. Can you even imagine how those girls must feel? Wendy has made her choice, Michael over her own daughter's. Does Michael even work? He was never gone and it only told about Wendy's job. I am betting that he's a kept man.
    Last but not least. About how the money was dealt with. That was the highlight of the show, the girls getting the money. It seems that's all their Mom is giving them. It's sure not attention. Wendy has nobody but herself to blame that she's in need of money. She had the affair and left her husband. She seems quite proud of it too, since she told the whole world on TV. What goes around, comes around.

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    Conugget, I agree. It's hard enough being a teenaged girl without all of these issues. Throw in a childish, selfish step dad, a self/boytoy involved mother and showing it all to the world on national TV and you get a very difficult and embarrassing situation. These girls did not need to have all this exposed on this show. They need love, caring, involvement and respect from their parents. That dad better move them on over to his place so the mom can so her old wild oats in private.

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