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Thread: 10/20/06 Trading Spouses season opener thread *spoilers*

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    Here's what I'd do if I were the Shatzes (by the way, I felt it assumptive, perhaps rude, for both Moms to imply the other's home needed revamping - that's such a personal matter).

    I'd find a person who was willing to go in on the following - and I'd:

    Go to a paint shop; go to a carpet dealer; and buy the allocated amount from each. THEN sell it back to them for slightly less.

    They would have followed the rules, and everyone wins. The shop owners are happy - they just made money. The Shatzes have a large amount to do with as they wish - perhaps five percent less, but it's more than they would've had before...being stuck w/carpet they don't want. And they haven't broken any rules.

    I'd be surprised though, if they couldn't get cash value for some of the items - on a game show, if you win a cruise, you can opt for the cash value instead. The Martins should be able to do that. I wish Lisa Shatz had at least said "$10,000 on family fun of your choice". They might've preferred a new entertainment room for example.

    Nobujine - hi! I just wanted to say I disagree that Aaron should be teased for crying. There's nothing wrong with it. Even soldiers cry to vent their stress sometimes in battle. It's a natural mechanism our bodies have. Anyway, his own family picks on him too often.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nobujine;2113264;
    I go to aarons school, and am a friend of his. He got alot of crap for the crying thing, but he deserved it, imo.

    The familys have to spend the money how it was written, they have no choice.

    Phonegrrl, i have not discovered where the $8000 went, but I am working to find out.
    cut the boy a break! some strange pushy broad comes into your home and basically says she thinks you're lazy and stupid, I don't know any teenager who wouldn't have cried! Between what she said and the voice she used to say it (did they provide helium on the flight to Kentucky?), I would have sued the producers for emotional distress!

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    I too thought her voice was grating. I also feel completely sure she had no idea how she sounded, even as she was speaking. (I also felt that she was venting her anger at the whole experience, subconsciously choosing the person ranked lowest in the family.) Southerners have usually very soft slow cadences and her "Yankee" shrill nasaly voice must have seemed even more grating than it did to, say, some of us viewers.

    But I think the reason it was the straw that broke the camel's back for Aaron was not only does his own family give him a hard time constantly (and he seems a perfectly nice kid to me, certainly no less bright, attractive etc., than his sibling) but he knew it would all be shown on Tv as well - and here she is basically implying he's stupid too. She hit a nerve.

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