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Thread: TS, the bayou and Katrina

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    Please read posts #3 and #6 in this thread.
    You've gotta hustle if you want to earn a dollar. - Boston Rob

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    Love the Loupes

    I can't believe how many hearts this family touched. I haven't been on this site for awhile. I logged on just to find out about the Loupes. And I see so many ahead of me with them also on their minds. Great news.

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    I also joined this site in order to find information about the well-being of the Loupe family. Thank you finding out and letting everyone know. I think the Loupes have a place in many people's hearts.

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    Hello USA!

    We live in Finland and just saw the episode with the Loupe family last night. I was so worried about them, I too had to check on the web. I am so happy to hear they are doing well and I wish them the best. We have only seen the first half of the episode so far but VEGAN lady is a nutcase!!!! I would love to pay for a Loupe family outing in the bayou. They really look like great people so far, the second half is next week.

    We just started Big Brother, Finnish style here. So funny.... it has full frontal male nudity, a sauna and one of the girls packed a box of condoms. Too much, I'll stick to old episodes of Trading Spouses, thank you very much.

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    Post Rita Update?

    Has anyone heard anything about the Loupe's after Hurricane Rita?

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    I know this comes a little late, but it didn't dawn on me to check the internet until earlier today. I have wondered and worried about the Loupes family since the hurricane hit. I have never, in my life, seen a more loving, kind, respectable, caring family. When my son and I were watching, ZZ said some smart mouthed comment and I laughed and said, 'what a smartass'. My son who was 12 at the time said, "yea, well, if he's half the person his parents are, he'll grow up to be a great person.' I thought that was a great observation considering it was coming from a kid who was born and raised in Northern California. But even my sometimes superficial 12 year old, could feel the love and respect of this family.
    I have nothing in common with the Loupes and on an everyday basis would probably find their way of living sort of strange. But, I was so impressed by the kindness in their hears and the respect that they had for others that I couldn't help but fall in love with them. They were an inspiration to me and I am envious of their kind hearts and generous attitude. If this world were filled with folks like them, we'd be in Heaven.
    And, being the conservative hard ass that I am, this is saying a lot.
    I have learned a lot and would be honered for that family to stay with me, if need be.
    La Vonna

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