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Thread: 2/14 Show Thread: Spoilers

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    hey guys. First time posting about trading spouses, although I've seen most of the episodes. Boy did FOX try to make this seem like a better episode than it turned out to be. It seems that if they really believed this to be one of the best family switches, then they would have made it a two episode show like the others. After seeing the show, it looked like a stretch for entertainment in the first place, and then advertising that it was the best? wow. this is worse than the time they advertised the next great champ with a bunch of things that didn't happen.

    I actually thought that the "evil" dad was trying to make changes. I believe that because he admitted to the camera later that he heard RV mom and thought she was right, whereas the old "evil" dad would not have admitted that he was wrong. But, the show was so short that we really didn't get a chance to see their characters for too long. Oh well...probably for the better.

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    I thought it was a great episode!

    /too tired to say anything else
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    I thought it was a good episode as well!

    Craig Shackelford comes off as very uptight and sort of indifferent to his children. Hate his personality :phhht The oldest girl is a great singer....hope she pursues it. The O'briens are talented especially the youngest girl..wow! Glad they own a house, I thought they lived in the RV and just drove around all the time performing for people.....seem like a nice -close bonded family.

    I can't believe Craig sat there and wouldn't help the two youngest girls get ready for school....definitely don't like that guy....hope he takes some parenting classes...he needs it!

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    I'd like to see someone give all the money to the kids to spend any way they want and nothing to the parents.

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    I didn't think this show was boring either.

    I've been married to a guy like Craig. Run like hell, Michelle. You've only been married 4 months, there's still time to get out. His type of abuse is passive-agressive and you'll always be the one who's wrong.

    Also, why would you want someone who ignores your children? When it's not about him, he can't be bothered. And then the $41,000 in credit card debt? Holy %*$#. Someone's living beyond their means.

    Whew. Had to rant.

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    Yeah, Craig got off scott-free. If it had been me I would have made them use as much of the money as necessary (up to ALL of it) to kick their smoking addictions. That is causing Craig to be uptight, brittle, and ignore his family, as he always has to run outside and get another "fix" (did you hear in his voice how much he was looking forward to going outside and "chain smoking"?)

    Maybe after that monkey is off their backs they can work on any other issues they have and see real improvement. I don't think he is a hopeless case -- IF he quits smoking! He was a jerk, but I've seen worse. I thought the guy from last week was a total jerk, and no one seemed to comment on that since all they could talk about was the ghost-busting mom.

    Btw, did I just notice a Wife Swap commercial where they will be having a family in an RV? It seems like FOX was rushing their rip-off episode to air before the other show, as is par for the course with them.

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