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Thread: Episode 1/31 Recap: The Friendly Farmer Versus the Horrible Hostess

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    Did anyone happen to notice the attractive blonde she harassed into attending did not seem to have attended? It appears she blew off the loudmouth.

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    Brilliant job as always, Heppy-San! You capture these shows so perfectly.

    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    Welcome back to Trading Spouses, the show that’s not afraid to lift mossy rocks and peer at the mysterious growths lurking underneath.

    Mother Janet is greeting the day by, well, rolling over and sleeping in. More like a fart in the general direction of the day than a greeting.

    “It makes them tough,” mom affirms, and we see her lecturing her kids about laziness, calling them “spoiled rotten.” Och aye! Because they don’t want to dress in those childish dresses and hop around without ever moving their arms, you see.

    You haven’t got her attention yet, Brian; time to put that naked Goth fairy on your bicep that you’ve been eyeing in the tattoo shop.

    The producers need to make a clear-cut handout for the participants with big, bold letters reading Your Wedding Vows Still Apply.

    Janet looks less than thrilled when Mark admits to having a barn cat or two around, since she finds cats scary and untrustworthy. Oddly, I’ve always found my cats to be a good judge of character. Hmm.

    “Not everyone is a cat person,” the father tells the kids, who look incredulous.

    What is this Earth "socker" of which you speak?

    This week, all that talk of ghostbusters was an unfulfilled tease; but next week, three unprepossessing psychics will descend on the Levy farm with *gasp* equipment and stuff. At the Farrells, - aw, who cares, we got ghostbusters!

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