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    Neat Freak Mom needs to yank the red-hot poker out of her ass. "Oh, I can't go on the carousel because it gives me motion sickness!" Take a few Dramamine, and get on the goddamn horse, beeyotch. What do you think it's gonna do, suddenly start going 500 RPM and fling you off? ... Actually, that might not be a bad idea.

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    Regarding the dog poop in the house. Hey, it happens. To the best of us. I have two dogs and occassionally if they don't get walked in a timely manner, they'll sneak a poop in the spare bedroom. It's taken care of as soon as I find it, but if there were a cameraman in my house, I'm sure he'd manage to flash a still photo of the poop as often as possible. (Hey, and I live in TN too!) I'm thinking the TN family does not usually have dog poop on their floor, but were just caught at a bad time. On the other hand, what do I know?

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    Since I have actually lived in the suburb where the Hammonds live, please let me assure you all that we are not all afflicted with OCD up here.

    In our local paper today, Mia is blaming "bad editing" for making her look so bad. Right.

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    People always blame editing. If the camera isn't right on their face, I suspect what was said may not have been said in that context or situation, but you can't edit in what isn't there.

    I like her hats, I think they are very cute.

    Yea, the dog may have poo'ed while everyone was out and of course the camera person is the first one in the house (to catch everyone entering on film) so he/she would see it first and get shots from every angle. Each time they showed the poo pile, it was the same little poo pile. What they'd cut out is gramma or dad exclaiming about the poo and cleaning it up quickly.

    I don't care for Mia's behavior or that she's teaching her children such judgementalism, which is an odd thing for a mixed family to teach......

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    Oh how did you like Mia complaining that the Aquarium was filthy? Uh what does that mean? I doubt that it meant that the staff had not swept and mopped the floors, wiped down the outside of the glass and that kind of thing.
    She can blame the editors all she wants but no one held a gun to her head and told her to say all crazy crud.

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    Xantham Gum
    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkinoseed
    whats up with the hats??
    I think she watched too many episodes of the old Mary Tyler Moore show (you know to see what her home state of Minnesota is like, since she obviously gets her notions of what other places are like from TV shows, such as The Dukes of Hazzard, the Beverly HillBillies, Green Acres, Petticoat Junction, etc.) and she either copied Mary or Rhoda's style. I guess she still can't bring herself to fling her hat up into the air like Mary though because it will make her "motion sickness" and fall on the dirty, dirty ground and she will have to then burn it.

    Looks like next week she gets into a liberal/conservative argument about the Iraq war and how much she is against it. That makes me wonder if she is now sorry she voted for George W. Bush back in 2000 for president.

    I mean, she had to have voted for (Connecticut - born) G.W. Bush right? She would have had no other choice, because former vice-president Al Gore is from .......(shudder) ...!Tennessee !
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    I tried to rationalize Mia's behavior a bit.

    I figured that her over exactness and obsession with order stems from the incident that resulted in her first child. She didn't mention anything other than that she had a child at a young age. No what would cause a woman to seek so much control of her surroundings and feel the need for constant structure, especially cleanliness and being in control of ones self? I think there is a sad story in her background that has led her to be so conrolling and to feel 'dirty' in surroundings that are different.

    When I first saw her reactions to Tennessee, I thought she was worried about racism or something. A biracial friend of mine moved to Alabama and faced some bad things. Not saying the south is full of bigots, just that is still has a bad reputation for things like that. I didn't think she was worried about the 'back woods' type thing, but after hearing her children speak - that was obviously on her mind.

    Yes, Mias behavior is a cry for help and her kids will suffer because of her problems, but the other family was crude to her as well. As great as it is that they have a love for one another that is expressed in a way more suited to the camera (remember, Mias family hugged her goodbye too before she vacuumed, didn't they?) the eye prank was out of line, and it would have been nice to clean up a bit before guests came (ants are hard to get rid of, and a fly or two always creep in but the clutter was real, as were the cigarett butts, etc). I do like the pairing. Mia was brought in to teach the other family to 'clean up their act' and the other mother was sent to show the family that it is okay to express emotions even if they are not orderly or easily defined/controlled, that feelings don't have to be constantly contained. If it works both families can be helped, although i don't think the proper lessons will be learned.

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    The eye thing... what a gross, insensitive, and rude thing for a person to do to a guest. The Howards have a low sense of humour. It isn't like Mia knew about the daughter (her names's Candy, I think) 's fake eye or have any kind of relationship with the family that would have enabled her to do this and think Mia would think this is fun. To go up to an unsuspecting person and abruptly pull out an eye... totally lacks any common sense. Geez... it isn't like Mia is a perfect angel either, but did they have to do that?

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