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Thread: 1/17 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Hi, Olivia!
    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    Mia, shut the @#$% up.
    ETa Yo phat, let's get LG to hunt her down for us and put a whoopin' on her a$$ for talking bad about us hillbillies.
    Daaamn straight, m'man.
    "...Every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things donít always soften the bad things, but...the bad things donít always spoil the good things." - The Doctor

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    The Hammond and Howard Family..

    well.. i have NEVER been this disgusted in my life!! What a case of reverse discrimination . Thanks producers for perpetuating an image of people from the south . Amazing to see that it was okay for the woman from Minnesota to have taught her children to expect southerns to be "hillbillys, straw in their teeth, short shorts". The outright hostility expressed toward the entire state of Tennessee by this ignorant, closed-minded, provincial pitiful woman was fairly shocking. Wonder how it would have been recieved if the family from the south had expressed discriminatory feelings about the other family? Way to go...grow up...the world has changed. :phhht

    Well, I better be gettin off to tha barn.. them pigs are startin to snort, and them cows are-a-mooin. Somebody hand me my banjo!

    Go Vols!

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    AMEN to Phat32!.. Mia does need some makeup! She's probably never been outside the state of Minnesota.

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    Nothing short of some serious therapy is going to help poor Mia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pumpkinoseed
    This whiner on tonights show is on my last nerve!! Did she think she was going to some palace to live like a queen? Did she watch any of the past shows to see what happened? whats up with the hats??
    They have the ad at the end -are you ready to trade spouses.?.what kind of interviews do these people go thru?? If they are so paranoid of doing these shows why so they even bother

    I continue to wonder the same thing. People who are so closed to new things should STAY HOME. Maybe the 50,000 is just too big a draw to ignore. I think they don't have a chance to see any previous shows, because they are all surprised about the money "twist".

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    The one family could stand to visit a cosmetic denist. My god.. they had some nasty teeth.

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    I think Mia is mentally ill. I am very serious about. The extent to which she cleans the house, prays for her daughter's virginity, (which by the way they did not show her praying for her son the same thing), her reaction to being hugged by the new husband and then the kids and mother in law all points to someone who is suffering from some kind of illness. I think the need to be in control is just a manifestation of the disease. Also her reaction to being sent to Chattanooga was bizarre, she was scared beyond just being nervous. I live in Nashville and while the State may not be the most liberal in the country we are not over run by racist bumpkins and besides there are idiots everywhere including her hometown.
    Someone needs to suggest to her that she get some professional help and not from her church. There are meds that could her help not be so uptight.

    From the previews next week does not bode well for her.

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    Mia grated on my last nerve last night. Poor baby didn't get to go to the lovely state she wanted too :phhht How ignorant can a person get??? Like someone else has already mentioned, it is kind of like a case of discrimination. She is teaching her children that people in the south are hillbillies :rolleyes :rolleyes Someone needs to go to some etiquette class or something. When the girl pulled her eye out and Mia almost had a heart attack, I couldn't stop laughing Mia's children don't even know how to communicate with others They are like little robots. I loved when grandma told Mia that she was trying to be miss perfect and there is no such thing. (I do agree with Mia that the house could have been cleaner especially the dog poop on the floor)

    I can't wait to see the argument that Mia and her husband get into. During the previews, I was so happy that he said "Don't disrespect me, this is MY house too."
    I can only please one person a day, today is not your day and tomorrow doesn't look good either

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    Quote Originally Posted by utvols_13
    Well, I better be gettin off to tha barn.. them pigs are startin to snort, and them cows are-a-mooin. Somebody hand me my banjo!

    Go Vols!
    You have a farm...

    This show was really good. Sometimes I wish it were a 2 hour show so I can see the whole thing at once. I can't wait til Monday now.

    Mia was really getting on my nerves. Her accent was killing me! I can't believe she vacuumed the entire house while the cab was waiting. How bad could the floor have gotten. She said she vacuums 3 and 4 times a day! Holy Smokes, I am lucky to get in 1 vacuum a week. I guess I am like the other family-minus the poop of course. Although, my dog has been known to poop on the floor once or twice.

    The ants and worm thing on the floor was pretty gross.

    I think it was terrible the way those kids treated Angie. I am always telling my son to speank up when people are asking him questions, why didn't the father say anything? Is there no conversation in that house, or it it just cleaning and shoe removal? Crikey.

    I liked the TN family, they seemed to enjoy life. But the eye thing was very mean, not to mention gross. I had a friend in school who used to take his eye out in class all the time. It was pretty nasty

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    I agree with FoxEyes2, Mia has to be mentally ill. I'd say OCD and it would explain a lot of her intolerance to things that don't fit in her neat little box of life.

    When she freaked out about going to Chattanooga I thought perhaps it was because she was from there or had bad memories of the place. No, apparently it's the axis of evil (who knew?) No doubt Fox asked "where's the last place you want to go" and deliberately sent her there. Wonder if that means Minnesota is country mom's nightmare (and she's too laid back to realize it?)

    Next week's preview of Mia's argument with the country dad should be interesting. Telling the guy his son-in-law (or was it daughter's boyfriend?) could/would die in Iraq was out of line. It's one thing to disagree with the war, quite another to disrepect the men & women (and their families) who fight for freedom on everyone's behalf.

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