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Thread: 11/29 Show Discussion ***SPOILERS***

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    I have to agree with Amy Lee that it looked like this "match" was very carefully put together by producers to brew some trouble.

    Vegan mom was just unbelievable with her holier than thou attitude. And her poor husband, I don't know why or how he puts up with her. I wonder how they are doing now (relationship wise) after they got to watch the show for themselves, and vegan mom got to hear what her husband really thinks about the "matriarch"...
    ps. This is just my opinion in the matter.

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    From what I can tell, they are recruiting families with unusual occupations, then looking for a family that would be its polar opposite.

    The odd thing is, the earlier Trading Spouses were much less polarized. Sure, one family would be neater than the other but it wasn't a huge disagreement in values. When Wife Swap started off, that was one of the noticeable differences between the shows. It's not so much of a difference on the last two shows.
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    Well, obviously the producers try to create sparks by mismatching the families. Otherwise, the show would look like visiting hours at a particularly dull nursing home. Their manipulation doesn't guarantee that Barbara Gates would act like a tool; nope, that was all her.

    FYI, I found Barb's website (something about lobbying for eco-vegan-friendly alternatives in school cafetrias and curriculae, blahdeblahdeblah). Her email has been turned off. Wonder why?

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    I have a customer at my store who reminds me of Barbara. She has the sweetest daughter and all I hear is "No Barbies!, no Disney!". They often bicycle to the store and pick up trash along the way. Very self-rightgeous and mean as hell. I'm afraid her daughter is beyond repair now. I asked her once if she wanted one of my stray kittens for her daughter's birthday and she practically spit at me, "No, but I'll be happy to kill them for you. They're just subsidized predators."

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    Just watched this taped. First of all ,this show is much better than wife swap. Second of all, I dont think a show has ever ticked me off as much as this show. barbara is the biggest hypocrite in the world. Someone seriously needs to smack her upside the head.

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