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Thread: 11/29 Show Discussion ***SPOILERS***

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    W O W

    Vegan mom was amazing. I was waiting for her head to explode from all of her hypocrisies.

    "I am very open-minded". Then she proceeds to tell everyone else how THEY should live. lol

    My FAVORITE line from vegan mom: "I took some parenting classes..." so SHE will teach Cajun mom how to be a better parent. oh my god ... she was rich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    "Vegetarian animal like a cow or lion..."
    Glad someone else heard that too

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    I wonder if vegan mom and all of her oh-so-superior friends even realized what they looked like to everybody else. Something tells me they didn't get it at all. I'd love to know how she explained lying to her family about what she thought of that alligator she ate.
    Love lives forever <3

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    OMG Vegan mom is going ballastic on her husband over the orchard...:rolleyes:

    And she snapped at Lucy, sounds really pissy if you ask me...

    Wow, and judgemental over BayouMom's motorcycles and everything. Get OVER IT!!!

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    The problem with Vegan mom (and all people who are self-righteous) is that they are so egotistical and deluded that they don't see the ugliness that lies within them ... even when someone holds up a mirror (or in this case a TV show).

    So, they usually never learn.

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    Bayou family was cool as hell to put up with her! They seemed like really down to earth people. And at least Bayou Mom had enough class about her that once she read that poster in the kitchen to not "defile" Vegan mom's kitchen with meat so she fixed something else. Vegan Mom needs to take some lessons from her. What a nasty piece of work. And not comforting that boy when he was missing his mom..what a mess.

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    I agree with the comments posted here. The irony is that the very things that make The Veganator insufferable -- her utter lack of humility, her misplaced sense of superiority -- will probably block her from learning a thing from this experience.
    It reminds me of those studies on incompetence. The people who did the worst on tests thought they did the best. They lacked the competence to know they were incompetent.
    This woman lacks the wisdom to know she's unwise.
    The editors nailed her every time chance they got, though (*she notes gleefully*), from the "monkies" to the smoking to the puppy abuse. Bwahhhahhh.
    "Totalitarianism demands, in fact, the continuous alteration of the past, and in the long run probably demands a disbelief in the very existence of objective truth." George Orwell

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackieread
    some one plz help me!!! i missed tonight show......can anyone fill me in plz? whats happens and hows was the m oney spent? someone please and thank you
    jackieread! Keep an eye out in this forum for a possible recap of tonight's episode. The recappers here at the Fort rock! The recaps are totally entertaining, witty and chock-full of all the nuances of the show. It boiled down to vegan mom being condescending, uptight and not very smart ("monkies"... ), meanwhile cajun mom was wise, kind and respectful. Even in the face of being insulted.
    Money was divided decently (I thought), although vegan mom CRIED when she wasn't getting her way on the spending list (after she had told her kids "no one is allowed to cry, we must be positive"). BUT, vegan mom got 20G to herself so the crying jag was short. Honestly, vegan mom acted worse than a petulant child. I am embarrassed for her and her family.

    Vegan family got: 10G for planting an orchard and putting in a well,
    4G to go to Mexico or Hawaii
    10G for a jacuzzi tub (which angered vegan mom)
    2G for the kids to buy scooters or something
    20G for vegan mom herself.
    4G ....??? sorry, can't remember

    Cajun family got: 10G new roof
    3G to charitable organization
    2G to ZZ for a mud-boat
    10G? for eco friendly motors for their boats
    3-4 G to Diego's parents?
    shoot.......forgot the rest.......sorry

    All in all, Vegan mom=shallow, mean, ugly person
    Cajun mom=patient, kind, loving person

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    I thought she said vegetarian animals like a cow or a lamb. Then she also mentioned pork ( not pig ) Interesting how she would mention the meat, not the animal name...... Besides, from watching Deadwood ( on HBO ), I learned pigs are NOT strictly vegetarian ( yuck! )

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    Vegan Hubby looked malnourished and a mere shell of a person. It wouldn't surprise me if he'd like to leave vegan mom but just doesn't have the strength to do so.

    Also, weren't those leather hiking boots he was wearing in the letter reading scene?
    Some people are like slinkies, they're useless until you push them down the stairs.

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