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Thread: 11/29 Show Discussion ***SPOILERS***

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    Oh this is perfect

    Quote Originally Posted by helpmeturnitoff
    After thinking about it for a bit I think vegan mom is the kind of person who was never the best at anything making her feel inferior. So she mapped out what she considered the 'perfect' life and set about making it happen regardless of the people around her (namely hubby & kids). She wants to feel superior and since she has the perfect life everyone else must suck and need her to micro manage their lives into her mold of perfect. I think underneath she's a very very insecure woman seeking approval. And she's made a bad name for vegans. Her friends helped, but she had the spotlight.
    I could not agree more, I mean did you see that part where her friends were practically getting livid with Diane when they were discussing animals, etc., I could just see the I'm right, you're wrong look on their faces. The guy with the glasses looked like he was going to explode. They were not typical vegans, I have many friends who are vegans but they don't try to tell everyone else that it's their way or the highway.
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    Usually the episodes make me laugh. There was nothing funny about this exchange! Vegan mom was disrespectful in every way, and I felt nothing but pity for her family. She has to be the dumbest woman on the planet regarding people skills. Please tell me she does not represent a typical vegan or typical Californian.

    At least ZZ gets his mom back, and he will appreciate his life more than ever. I respect Cajun mom for honoring the mom's kitchen by not cooking meat in her home. I would not expect vegan mom to cook or eat things that repulsed her.

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    I respectfully disagree that this show is Always Good v. Bad.. Although, I havent seen good v. good, I have seen bad families v. bad families. I say 'families' because you can't just judge the moms, you have to look at all of the members..

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    I am so upset that vegan-mom pushed the dog's nose in the pee that I'm going to yell at a vegan co-worker tomorrow just to make myself feel better!

    I thought ZZ was a cool little kid.

    Vegan Mom could have enjoyed herself more on the bayou had she not been so eager to criticize.

    I hope she takes a good hard look at herself when she sees this show adn realizes what a judgemental and opinionated person she is.

    Also how small are her children going to feel when they see the part where she said it wasn't hard to leave her family?

    And I feel bad for her husband- he stuck by the "supposed" family values while she was gone and she caved - and then LIED about what she thought about it! Did she forget they were FILMING? I hope he stops by Mickey D's on his way home from work tomorrow!

    And how dare her to rant and rave about the Jacuzzi and his orchard and not offer to share her $20000!

    And to make those poor kids EARN merit points before they could have their money! She has some nerve and IMO needs some parenting lessons from Gator Mom!

    Thanks - I needed to vent!


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    some one plz help me!!! i missed tonight show......can anyone fill me in plz? whats happens and hows was the m oney spent? someone please and thank you

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    Ugh; I've never seen such an insane person on TV! I hope the poor kids turn out ok in life after living with such a neurotic parent.

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    Those poor, sad, propagandized vegan children. Crying because someone eats fish? That is just wrong to do that to children. They will never be able to survive outside of their vegan utopia cult.

    I hope those kids aren't suffering from neurological damage from their diets. The boy has eye and facial twitching, and the little girl has speech and reading impediments. Vegetarians can get the proper nutritional balance, but I don't know about these particular vegan extremists.

    Vegan mom is just a sad, sad excuse for a person. And to think . . . she took parenting classes! I was actually thinking at the beginning of tonight's show that she was just being edited to look bad, but then she opened her mouth. Nope. Can't edit that.

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    Oh hell no...this !itch is whacked. First off, she thinks it's justified to spank a dog and put its nose into its pee to teach it a lesson?? Then...she forces her veganism on other people?? AFTER getting !itchy about the guests getting there early??

    What a ... you know what.

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    Oh.my.god...showing them propaganda film??

    Holiest lows of low...

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    Oh, so now she's curious and has talked herself into eating alligator. No one's forcing her to try it, but she smells the fried alligator and wants it.

    "Vegetarian animal like a cow or lion..."
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