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Thread: 11/22 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snapit
    Did anyone catch ZZ's last comment to vegan mom?

    Let me put it another way.........................
    That was hysterical!!!!!

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    I found the Louisiana family very mellow and laid back--love those accents. Their house was very nice too. Barbra seems to be gung-ho about everything in her life, not caring what her own family thinks as long they do it her way. When her husband mentioned that he only married her because she wore him down, I thought oh oh, this marriage cant be good if he is willing to share that with the whole world.
    Barbra is also giving vegans a bad name. I know people who don't eat meat, but they keep it to themselves and don't turn it into a religion. Barbra has some nerve to think all she has to do is lecture and nag and folks will jump on her bandwagon. She was way out of line changing ZZ and Diego's orders to include salads. She had no business correcting ZZ constantly and threatening to wash his mouth out with soap. I've never seen a visiting mother go beyond the line like she did. You could tell the kids father was getting very stressed.
    Cajun mom seemed so puzzled by the diets of the family she was with, but she seemed more tolerent, and down to earth.

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    Vegan mom was on my nerves last night. How many times could she say "Californians do it this way blah blah blah?" The way she drilled Diego about his jewelry and other things was very rude. She thinks she is better than these people because she is nice to animals.....ah hello Miss Thing didn't I see a clip of you hitting the poor dog and pushing his face into the ground :rolleyes And she has the nerve to tell these people how they should be living and what they should eat. Give me a break. If I were Diego or ZZ, I would have grabbed her and pushed her face into the ground and see how she liked it.

    The Cajun mom is just a nice person. Love the accent. I couldn't help but yell "thanks to plastic surgery" at the TV last night when she said that the women look 10 years younger. Maybe these people need to buy themselves some consideration and morals instead of younger looking bodies.
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    I have Vegan friends. In a situation such as this they would just take their own food, as would anyone who is on a special diet. I doubt that the rules say that you can't eat your own choices. I would not consider it my job to try to change anyone's lifestyle in a week or two.
    Poor Cajun Mom doesn't realize that there's more involved than just picking out the meat in her gumbo. She needs to just not waste her time on them, wait till she gets home and invite Texi and me to eat gumbo. I promise not to pick out anything. Texi, however, will pick out the okra. She will not be invited back. I will. nananananana
    The Cajun family seems to be pretty well off, don't they? Her doll collection alone is quite an investment. I still crack up every time I visualize the alligator heads drying.

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    I didn't care for Vegan Dad. A much more detailed explanation of what it means to be Vegan was in order before sending his houseguest off to that dinner party.

    He told all of America that he was browbeaten into marrying his wife, then we watched as he lamely explained that it would hurt his back to carry the new Mom's bags to the car.

    Passive-agressive putz. :rolleyes

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    uuugh, I did not like either of those vegan parents. The mom was completely self-righteous and didn't bother to take any consideration into the background of believes of ZZ and Diego. The dad was totally passive-aggressive. I liked the Cajun kids as they were at least trying to be nice to the Cajun mom, who seems entirely too sweet to have to put up with all the bs. I love how she was worried about Diego because he's too sweet to say "no" to anyone.
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    Diego, now that's a man after my own heart. Cajun mom looks a bit rough around the edges, but she's really nice as well.

    Muduh, I will *not* eat the okra and ya can't make me either! Neeners.
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    Vegan mom is SOOOOOOOO lucky that Deigo is an easy going guy. I swear to god if she kept saying 'we don't do that in CA' my husband would have said .. take a look around lady, are aren't in CA anymore! You know what's more disturbing?? Paris Hilton actually showed more tolerance and class when she was in bayou country. *shiver*

    Omg .. let me put it another way.. you're fired! I LOVE that kid. and FYI Vegan mom.. washing out a kid's mouth with soap is assault.. it's bad enough when you do it to your own kid do you actually think it's acceptable to do it to someone else's?? :rolleyes
    gotta love clueless parents

    I would starve to death in cajun country.. I don't eat seafood in any form. I would have at least tried the gator that ZZ ordered but I wouldn't have sat there scoffing at my hosts' choice of a meal because it didn't match my ideals
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    I did'nt care for the Vegan parents. Barbara and her saying "I haven't told them I'm vegan yet, just waiting for the right moment." I was like WTH? It isn't like she's special and once they find out they should be bowing down to her. I will say I liked how she was firm with ZZ- he was being a brat and she shouldn't have to put up with it. Making ZZ practically run after that guy he bumped into was a little too much though- even the guy thought so I also didn't like the way she was controlling his diet- maybe she should take a look in the mirror herself- she wasn't all that either.

    I liked the LA family- although Diego was getting on my nerves with his speech. I was getting impatient waiting for him to finish a sentence. And she will not starve eating salad for a week I thought she did well defending her business with the alligators and too bad she felt ganged up on. Did she take all of the gifts and leave or just the alligator heads? I thought that was a terrible set up to do to her- she was pretty much ganged up on even with the CA ladies' fake smiles.

    All in all- I haven't really enjoyed the last few episodes. I'm finding it uncomfortable watching because the way of life is different and it isn't fair to try to change that. Being a vegan is a way of life that they follow everyday- no one should try to make them eat meat- that is just wrong. (and I felt the same way with the religion show). It's one thing to have a rich/ poor or city/country switch- but it's getting too personal.

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    Not for me. This show is the best!!!!!!

    There's something to be said for people who go on national tv and show the world that they are actually CLUELESS to other's lifestyles. And that word is, "THANK YOU!"

    I adore ZZ...I want to go fishing with him. He's a firecracker, and I love it!
    He's got more sense to him than the whole vegan family put together.
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