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Thread: The Loupe Family

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    The Loupe Family

    *The Loupe family is a threesome born and bred in Thibodeaux, LA, right
    in the heart of the Louisiana bayou. Running their own swamp tour
    business and raising a boy in the traditions taught to them from past
    generations, the Loupe family's way of life is a refreshing example of
    how life doesn't have to move fast to be good.

    ***Lloyd "Diego" Loupe is a simple man who is familiar with the
    land and water of his home. Diego could very well be a modern-day
    Tarzan. He takes care of his family as he takes care of his alligators:
    fearlessly and with a modicum of finesse. *Living with an extremely
    cordial and talkative wife and a rambunctious, energetic son, Diego is
    the salve that soothes what might be an out-of-control household. *He is
    the captain of the swamp tour boat, the animal handler and the calming
    father, all in one buff package.

    ***Diana is a true Cajun woman. *Having been raised in the bayou by
    strong, independent women, Diana has kept true to her roots. She has
    preserved the memory of her mother throughout her home, keeping her
    precious heirlooms on display. *Always ready to talk your ear off over a
    bowl of her famous gumbo, Diana is never wanting for company. *She runs
    her swamp tour business with grace and gusto, always ready for hundreds
    of out-of-towners to experience the bayou. *She is always up for new
    adventures and loves meeting new people. *She has a huge heart and is as
    gentle as a sleeping gator.

    Zamariah or "ZZ" as he is known among close friends, is a ball
    of energy. *Fearless and inexhaustible, ZZ has been known to jump into
    the gator pen to wrestle some unsuspecting alligator, or dive into the
    swamp outback and come up with a confused snapping turtle or snake, just
    for fun. *In true bayou child-rearing style, Diana and Diego have left
    ZZ to his own devices, letting him learn valuable lessons through
    experience rather than lecture. ***

    So, the next time you are lost in the bayou of Louisiana, look
    for Zam's Swamp Tours on the side of the road. *You'll find a bed for
    the night, a hot meal on the table, and you may even get to wrestle a
    gator or two.
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    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    The Gates Family

    At a glance, the Gates family is the all-American family: a stay-at-home mom, Barbara, a loving and providing father, Jim, and their two children, Jack and Lucy. *But look a little more closely and you'll find that this family, who lives in a small town near San Diego, CA, wreaks havoc on local meat-eaters and animal abusers! The Gates are an all-vegan, animal rights activist family that is passionate about their cause.

    ****Going beyond the usual 20-something single activists, Barbara
    has brought her zeal and conviction for the ethical treatment of animals
    to her entire family. *She has educated her children on the importance
    of treating all animals with respect. *She is active in animal
    rights/vegan groups. *She has taken an active role in her children's
    schools, making sure that healthy, animal-friendly options for food and
    activities are always considered. *She belongs to "Veggie Gals" -- a
    local group that gets together to discuss animal rights events in
    the area. *Barbara is also actively involved in her local theater
    community, performing in original productions that spread vegan awareness and awareness of other socially and environmentally conscious issues. *Barbara is a vibrant, fearless woman who isn't afraid to speak her mind and has raised her family to be just as active and outspoken as she is.

    ***Jim Gates is the gentle father and providing husband for this. *As a freelance deep-sea diver, Jim is in excellent physical condition. *He is a true gentleman and very soft-spoken. *He is a fun-loving guy who allows Barb to take over because he wouldn't be able to get a word in edgewise even if he wanted to. *Jim is the perfect opposite to Barb, and perhaps that is why they get along so well.

    ***Jack and Lucy Gates are truly their mother's children. *They are
    a couple of firecrackers, full of boundless energy and an incredible
    zest for life. *Jack is a classic prankster. *Lucy is a huge drama
    queen, always acting, singing and being the fearless tomboy that she is.
    Both of the children have a very well-developed sense of self, largely
    due to Barb's encouragement. *Jack and Lucy understand why they are
    vegan and are also active in protecting the environment. *

    The Gates are thrilled to be able to spread their vegan gospel to
    their new family!
    All things beautiful do not have to be full of color to be noticed; in
    life that which is unnoticed has the most power.

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    Zam's Swamp Tours
    hey ...nice name
    leave the gun...take the canolis - The Godfather

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    Wow, ZZ is awesome. If you've watched the episodes...damn, he's funny. Diego is so sweet, and I think Diana was lovely too

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    Great Family! ZZ was the sweetest, cutest little boy. I loved some of his one liners on the show. Especially "You're Fired!" to Miss Vegan Mom.

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    That bio makes her sound almost human, doesn't it? Too bad we had to see the other side.
    If dad is in such great physical condition why could he not help Gator mom with her luggage? Was it made from *gasp* leather perhaps? Sure wouldn't want him touching dead animal hide.

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    Hehe. I love how in this picture it looks like Diego is trying to shield his son from crazy VeganMom.
    Support bacteria. They're the only culture some people have.

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    Vegan mom isn't crazy just because she's opinionated. Everyone cries about chicken runs.

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    Isn't she?

    Quote Originally Posted by dengilly do do
    Vegan mom isn't crazy just because she's opinionated. Everyone cries about chicken runs.
    Didn't you see her grab the dog by the neck and foce it's nose to the pee on the floor? Dog experts and veterinarians all have agreed decades ago, that this does nothing and is cruel. My father did it to one of our dogs once and the dog hated him for the rest if it's life. Opinionated? I and I am sure quite a few others watching this episode will probably agree that vegan mom is entitled to her opinion but needs to stop being nasty.
    - The Dean Martin Show -

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    Dean Martin: No but you can pour it..

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    Quote Originally Posted by starlette01350
    Hehe. I love how in this picture it looks like Diego is trying to shield his son from crazy VeganMom.
    *stage whisper* "Don't worry, son. I'll protect you."

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