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Thread: The Verruto Family

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    The Verruto Family

    The Verrutos of Southern California know how to live! Mom Colleen is the activities coordinator while Dad Ronnie is hard at work in his home office. The Verruto home is popular amongst the kids for having a fun-spirited mom who puts happiness first and discipline second.

    The Verruto Family, with traded spouse Crystal Norton. The Verrutos are from Ladera Ranch, CA. L-R: Vinnie, Alexis, Ronnie, Crystal Norton, R.J. and Anthony.
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    Looks like a busy household!

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    Spoiler/ preview

    Did you notice in the previews for 2nd half that Blondie said she was afraid that they wouldn't want new mom to leave.

    Sounds like there are lots of things going wrong for this family
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    The husband was lucky to have time to take this picture. I am waiting to see the CA a.k.a. blondie being fun spirited. Maybe in the second half. I don't dislike her, just don't see her being super fun.

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    Colleen Verruto is the most selfish, obnoxious and !@ith person I have seen. At home she only cared about anything that affected her to the total exclusion of her husband. When at the other families home she was egotistical, selfish, rude, obnoxious and self-centered. She didn't care about anyone else or even trying to be a real person with this family. I would have kicked her out after the first day. The only time she showed any real feeling was just before she met the other mom and was afraid her family didn't want her back. And then on her return to her family she was fine with the kids but was immediately cold and @!itchy with her husband.
    She only cares about making herself happy and will make others do what she wants no matter if they want to or not as long as she is happy. When she took the daughter to the beauty parlor she insulted the pedicurist by calling her a servant. I would have told her off right there and then. How someone can be like that I don't want to know. Her attitude and facial expressions showed her to be a pathetic excuse for a human being. I mean what person would say and do the things she did.
    Her husband broke down at the first sign of any warmth and human empathy because he does not get it from his wife. The poor guy is ready to break down. I can't believe that she has no idea that their finances were so bad, if she did she just didn't care. And the minute she came home she became like a cold, withdrawn @!itch. She said nothing had changed well how could it when she didn't even try to make an effort to be a real part of the whole picture. Her husbands last word were "It was never about the money" It wasn't it was about her experiencing and maybe learning something about being a real wife, mother and family.
    I have never taking such an automatic dislike and hate toward someone ever before but she brings it out in people. How she has gotten this far in life is beyond me but when her sister appeared in part one she came across as the same way. Saying to the mother how lucky she was to be able to come to this house and family. As if she was a bum off the street who had nothing and knew nothing. The other mother was far richer then Colleen because she had her family, husband and their love. It far out weighed anything that Colleen had or would ever have in her present state.
    I really did not like her and it feels good to get that off my chest I was ready to burst. I am one of those people who get along with everyone and has alot of love from family and friends with me. This switch affected me right to the core. It was like someone ripping my heart out and stomping on it.

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    wagglesnpurrs, you'll never make it here unless yo learn to open up to us. Anyway, welcome, and I agree with your assessment. At first I thought the "rich" dad was just a cold fish. Now I think he's just trying to survive. How these two ended up with four kids is a mystery to me. They seem to have nothing in common. She has no concept of money apparently. Who on earth would give a big kid one or two dollars a week allowance? It's like she thinks this family is poverty stricken and a dollar will make a huge difference in the kids lives. I don't think that the country family is as destitute as she seems to think. They just probably believe in living within their means. She would have a hard time understanding their way of thinking.
    Once again Glad to see you here.

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    From someone who knows the Family, They have 5 children. What happened to the youngest? Actually on the Fox web page under "Meet the Family" they mention the Five children but nothing after that. Hmmmmm ...what Did Vinny do this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nopsycos
    From someone who knows the Family, They have 5 children. What happened to the youngest? Actually on the Fox web page under "Meet the Family" they mention the Five children but nothing after that. Hmmmmm ...what Did Vinny do this time.
    Do they have a toddler or a baby that they let someone else watch during the show? I only remember the 4 kids...

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    5 kids not 4

    Yes they have a toddler...I believe she is 3 yrs old. Im sure they took her to grandma or someone else to watch her. Might be too much for the little one. But I thought it was kinda weird to not even mention her. But for the record Colleen is every bit as shallow and *itchy as she came across.

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