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Thread: 9/28 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerbelly
    I feel badly for Veronica "she stole my family" - that must hurt.
    She acts angry about the way diane allocated the money.
    And she said 1000 dollars would be spent in 2 seconds at the mall.
    Huh ? I have money and 1k is still good shopping money to me.
    I dont know what her problem is........Guess shes angry cause Diane made such a good impression.

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    She was totally jealous. Not only did her kids love "diane" she gave her husband a flat screen TV!
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    Summing it up

    All in all I think Dianes family is more fun to be with. It appears that Veronica was very hurt and jealous (I mean how many times did she say that Diane fell in love with Alvin?) because her family had Diane showing them how to have so much fun, simple fun, (I liked the doughnut on a string thing.) and when she got back everyone just became so subdued.

    I think both families division of the 50K was good.

    I would just love to spend time with Diane and her family. Her husband is a very nice man and her children I think are absolutely great.
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    My sister called half way through the show! I missed everything after that. How was the money spent????????? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Shut UP Arianna!!!! What a brat.

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    Veronica very well acts as if she's got a problem. She should really calm down.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wendiness
    My sister called half way through the show! I missed everything after that. How was the money spent????????? Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don't think they read us the entire list, but here's what we did see:

    From Veronica to the Famliglietti's - $8,000 each to Marc and Arianna to buy a car, $1,500 to Justin for a go-kart, $1,000 to Cody for a Playstation 2 and anything else he wants. The rest was for the parents to put in a second bathroom, redo the floors, get a hot tub, and take a family vacation to Florida.

    From Diane to the Thibodeaux family - $1,000 for Brittney to spend any way she wants as long as she does it with her mother, $2,500 in a college account for A.J., $15,000 for Alvin to get an SUV, $2,500 for a flat screen TV, $3,000 for a wedding set (apparently A. never got V. a wedding ring), $1,000 for the parents to have a shopping or gambling spree, and the rest for an in-ground pool.

    I think these people all got along better than any other families we've seen so far. They certainly treated each other with respect.

    But holy cow, most of these folks were HUGE! Many heart attacks just waiting to happen.

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    I didn't get to see the whole show, but what I did see was that Veronica was jealous of the fact that her family liked Diane. I heard her ask the kids if they called her mom and when they answered yes, she looked really mad. She needs to let her hair down once in awhile and have some fun with her family. Stop being so up-tight. Do you really want your children's memories of you to be that you were up-tight and bossy???
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    Yeah ,but no mom wants their kids to call another woman mom. I like Diane ,but she was only there for a week and for her kids to call her mom is disrespectful.

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    Diane's family called Veronica "Mom" too. I don't think its disrespectful to call her mom, she was filling the moms shoes for the week. They weren't trying to replace her.. only make her feel welcome. I think Veronica was just too jealous because her family bonded with Diane.

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