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Thread: 9/21 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    I guess im liking diane and not so much veronica.
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    Diane does seem to have a much better personality. I like her energy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fit_chick5
    Diane does seem to have a much better personality. I like her energy.

    I think Diane is REAL. Maybe a little out of control and immature in her behavior at times, but she is living life and enjoying it.

    Veronica just seems uptight. I think she's likable and probably quite a character in her way, she just doesn't go with the flow. Although she and her husband have made a nice life for their family, there seems to be too much emphasis on what it all looks like. This is not the worst that we've seen on this show by a long shot.

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    Exactly! Diane is real. Did you see how she went right up to the kids and gave them a hug.This is the kind of person that will put you at ease.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wendiness
    What memory would you rather have of your childhood:

    We lived in a really, really clean house. But didn't do much together


    Our house was messy, but, damn, we had fun!
    I can totally agree with this question. When my kids were young I was totally obsessed with a clean and perfect house. My best friend asked me what would I rather have when my kids are older. Memories of a perfect , spotless home or memories of fun times with my family. And also what did I think my kids would remember later in life. I got the message.

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    Xantham Gum
    I finally managed to get around to seeing the first episode when they reran it tonight, AFTER I saw the first episode of Wife Swap last night.

    Was I the only one who noticed a similarity between the "dirty but happy" and "tidy but distant" families in both shows this week? Weird coincidence?

    I have to say, I really liked the quicker pacing of the ABC show, Wife Swap with both weeks in one neat episode and not dragged out over two episodes like this FOX show. I also appreciated how the show was more structured and we were TOLD from the beginning EXACTLY what the rules were regarding the mom's instructions to follow the house rules one week and impose their own the following week. It seems like every week we all try to guess just what the mom's are told on the FOX show and what is said to them off camera from the producers.

    I do wonder about why there is no mention of a cash prize on "Wife Swap" like the $50K on "Trading Spouses" and why families would go through all this if money wasn't waiting at the end.

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    I'm watching the re-run from last week (which I missed bc of BB5's finale)...and OMG Diane is cracking me up! "Are you surprised I'm white??" LOL!!!!

    So far no real impressions of either yet, except I think Veronica is freakin out a bit over the dirty house. (trust me, from what we were shown it's honestly not THAT bad...unless I missed something??)

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    Wow, ain't Veronica prissy?? Gosh, let those kids have some FUN! Seriously! Sheesh, what a party pooper. So far I'm liking Diane a LOT more. She seems like so much fun.

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    Diane is trying so much harder I think with the kids, than Veronica is. Veronica seems to have this "if they dont like me..tough"! attitude. At least Diane seems very caring, and tries with the kids.
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    Diana has had a life threatening event in her life, so therefore she appreciates the family members in her family more. I think shes trying to encourage this family to do the same. I do hope they pick up what she is trying to teach them.

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