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Thread: Great show

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    Great show

    the only thing I don't like about it is that we have to wait a whole week to see the conclusion. I've never been a fan of ...to be continued
    and I'm still not in this case. I realize they have a lot to show us but spliting the show and making us wait a week seems unfair
    *wah wahh* /end whining
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    well I agree with some formats... take "Renovate My Family" for instance. Their 2nd weeks do a lot better in ratings than first weeks because people just love to see the after shots. But Trading Spouses is another animal. The first show is getting to know the people and seeing how they are received in their new families. The second half I find pretty boring until we find out how they spent the money. Both halves are equally worth watching and I think that's why it pulls down a solid 10 in the ratings each week.

    Now do you mean you would rather just have 2 hours of the show every week? That is a little much, don't ya think? For an American audience that gets bored after 22 minutes, can a weekly 2 hour show survive? I don't think so.

    The format leaves me wanting at the end of the show... but that's a good thing. If it was 2 hours and I was sated every week, I might not make it a special point to tune in.

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    I like the two week run on the Trading Spouses and Renovate. I wouldn't want to sit through two hours every week and a one hour show wouldn't be enough for me to sink my teeth into. The first week is a good set for us to get into the families and all the introductions. Heavens,that child Drew could have used a full hour introduction all to himself. I agree, it is such an entertaining show.

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    I really dislike that tune in next week... give me 2 hours at a time...
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