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Thread: The Famiglietti family

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    Life is Good

    These East Boston transplants to Peabody are definitely rough around the edges, even slobs to some. But they aren't racists. Peabody is pretty suburban, but still pretty ethnically diverse. We have our racists like anywhere else. But you've got the wrong people.

    Diane has no class, but she is who she is and makes no bones about it.

    And frankly, living next to her ... or working next to her .. is nothing to write home about. Anyone can be both nice and loud and obnoxious and sloppy.

    But to all those who thought the Famiglietti's should get voted into Fox's Renovate My Family, save your votes. Their house is currently under construction by Fox. Looks like a pretty severe makeover, too. Keep your eyes opened ... it will be airing sometime.

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    Re: The Famiglietti family

    Quote Originally Posted by j2dap;1071647;
    Their house was filthy! It was a damn mess and they actually allowed for a camera crew to come in and set up round the clock . There is no excuse for that. Four children with the youngest at 10 or 11? Have some dignity . Theres's no excuse for that type of filth. This is not a financial matter it's a matter of self respect. I do not understand how some one could stand to live in such filth.
    Hello! Boys are messy! Especially Cody! But that's why I love him! His locker is right next to mine and he's in my homeroom. Don't hate Codalicious!

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