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Thread: The Thibodeaux Family

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    Veronica owns and runs her own maid service business. Alvin seemed quite content with the way things were. The only one complaining about Veronica being too selfish was Brittney. Personally, I think you have to filter that as coming through a 15-year-old daughter. Yes, they could all benefit from changes to their routine, but Brittney has a very similar personality to her mother. It's just the way they scrape along with each other. Fast forward 25 years and you will probably hear the same complaints from Brittney's daughter.
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    I guess I missed that. I didn't realize she ran her own maid service. That clears up a lot of things for me now and it makes sense that she's so dogmatic about keeping her home clean; as well as how she wants things done at home .
    As far as her daughter,that makes sense too. Mothers and daughters are bound to butt heads just like fathers and sons.

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