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Thread: 8/31 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I guess first impressions aren't always right. I didn't like Mr. Levine at the start, bragging about having the biggest apartment, the biggest summer house, etc. But he turned out to be very intelligent, with a good sense of humor. I cracked up at him sitting out back of the Cooke house, playing the Duelling Banjos song from "Deliverence" on his guitar, while the cat made off with the pork chop.

    He did an excellent job allotting the prize money. I only wish he had built an extra chicken coop to house those 2 little brats in. :phhht

    The Levine kids were great! Loved them! The son was such a good pal to Mr. Cooke, and I just loved how the daughter let him pull her loose tooth. Mrs. Levine needs to chill a little bit, but otherwise seems like a fine person.

    Like other posters, I felt bad for Mr. Cooke. He seems like such an emotional person, but it hasn't worn off on the rest of his family, who didn't seem to even notice when he left or when he came home. He obviously doesn't have much of a grasp of money matters, but I think his choices really did come from his heart.

    Mrs. Cooke? Dullard.

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    Xantham Gum
    This week's episode was once again cast very well and even though the viewer was supposed to go into it with stereotypical expectations of the poor, ignorant country bumpkins and the loud, rude New York upper class family, things turned out to be surprisingly different.

    The Southern kids, who usually are well-behaved and mannered and use "sir" and "ma'am" when respectfully talking to elders were actually the kind of poor, white trash kids one sometimes hears making a scene in a restaurant or park who get "disciplined" by continued yelling from some distant, lazy mom who never actually makes any effort to control them, so much so that they have learned to tune out the noise. I don't know which I hated more, the bratty older abusive boy or the bratty younger crybaby, but they were both rude, spoiled and in need of parenting that made them feel bad about provoking an adult's anger instead of being apathetic about it. Mrs. Cooke could have been more mature as well, even if she didn't WANT to eat her food because "it's gross" she could have been gracious that Mr. Levine took the trouble to try to introduce her to it (the fact that he did not see how condescending he was being can be overlooked due to his good intentions I think). Conversely, the rich, city kids, who one would think would be more mouthy and spoiled, were in fact very polite and sincerely caring towards Jay. Although their mother was portrayed as being controlling and frantic and not very nurturing or complimentary (always pointing out the negative, even in the welcome home sign her daughter was making), Mrs. Levine still came off as being a more effective mother, at least in the way her children behave and are.

    Also, Mr. Levine turned out to be pretty patient and long-suffering in contrast to what would be expected from a pushy New York attorney and he went out of his way to do the best with the Cooke's money as he could. Jay could have been expected to be a loud-mouth, "good ol' boy" with no manners but instead turned out to be open to new experiences and people and religions while endearing himself to all he met (Looks like they are saving the good ol' boy stereotype for next week's show). There were not even any confrontations between the country dad and the controlling city mom, but that was certainly due to Jay deferring to her every demand and decision, although that is apparently how he is towards his own wife, and more apparently, children as well. How could anyone NOT like Jay? He was quiet, unassuming and easily to walk all over. I think the way his wife and brats (I mean children) had the polar opposite reaction to him coming home (you're back? meh.) as compared to Mr. Levine coming home (running to the door and embracing him) shows that being a doormat also doesn't win you much respect in the long run.

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    This is my first time watching this show and I was totally addicted (caught it 1/2 way through, when the Georgia family was at the park). That train ride and various "day dreams" was a hoot. The New York mother was very uptight, I had wanted to see some message at the end of the show that told whether or not a lawyer was able to help with the money situation. Her irrational, on-screen reaction to the dispensing of the money was pretty funny. I loathed and detested the Georgia mom, especially after Jay got home and she barely glanced his way. She was (made to appear?) very cold, uninterested, ungrateful...having nothing to do with being a country-girl but her personality. Jay came across as the sweetest, kindest guy - didn't seem the type to have that kind of family! I guess I'll have to watch it next week, now to see "the most explosive episode ever!" Fun show!

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    I missed it. I hope it will be on again. I'm sure I will get at the stereotypical southerners chosen for this show. They had a chicken coup? Are you kidding me?
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    This is the first time I ever watched this show.

    I really liked both dads. I'm from New York and have known men like Mr. Levine. At first he was a bit of a turn-off saying that his apartment was the biggest, his beach house was the biggest, etc., but that's a very New York way of thinking. Bigger and better. Because he ultimately came off as an entirely decent man, I don't think his striving for achievement was as obnoxious as it first seemed. I wasn't surprised when he researched property values, that would be typical of a lawyer, New York or otherwise. A good Southern country lawyer would have done similarly. He or she would naturally give a lot of thought to how so much money would be spent by a lower income family. I'm not a lawyer but I've worked for them for years, and what he did was what any good, conscientious lawyer would do. It seemed very natural to me that he would use his skills to best help the Cookes. And am I the only one who wished he didn't take a stronger stand with those kids? I was so happy when he started to exercise some discipline in the hardware store! Why do I have this feeling that he could have totally brought them under control if he hadn't felt uncomfortable doing so? His own kids aren't so sweet by accident.

    I have a soft spot for Southern gentlemen (by this I mean gentlemen who are judged by their characters and not their wealth) and just loved Mr. Cooke. Sure, he was a bit of a hick (maybe even borderline Cracker), but I don't remember when I've seen anyone wear the emotions of their good and simple hearts as plainly on their faces like he did. He was so pleased and proud when he pulled Molly's tooth - and she didn't feel a thing, bless him, which did her worlds more good than holding a shoe - and Pierce obviously fell in love with him in a big-brother sort of way. I think Jay's calmness and steadfastness appealed to Pierce in his busy, fast-paced city kid's life. Even Mrs. Levine softened up toward the end. When Jay and Justin met at the end, Jay was so utterly, transparently, and almost heart-breakingly, obvious in his hopefulness that he'd done well and that Justin would like and appreciate him.

    Mrs. Cooke, on the other hand, I did not care for. I felt so bad seeing the comparison between the joy with Justin's family met him when he came home compared to the relative indifference that Jay's family met him with. Jay needs to grow a little more of a backbone and take those crazy kids in hand, and his wife should get down on her knees every night and give thanks that she got such a dear, sweet man for a husband. That is, if she can get off the couch. I understand that she's been insulated in this rural world and is uncomfortable in more sophisticated surroundings. I know people like that now. But she was not even open to new experiences, and I felt badly for Justin when she reacted so negatively to their dinner in Atlanta. She needs not to take her dear husband for granted.

    It might be interesting to see a turn-around here and send these wives to the different homes. They seemed like they had more to learn than the husbands did, as the guys tried to integrate as graciously as they could and please the families, while both wives seemed to have at least an undercurrent of resentment at best, and active resistance at worst. They are the ones who need their eyes opened.

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    I forgot to say that I laughed almost until tears spurted out my eyes when the cat made off with the pork chop. I could see my cat doing that. Hiliarious.

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    Finally got to see this last night. Seems like all the previous posters have said it all.

    I was prepared to dislike Justin, but his demeanor and careful research at city hall was great. I feel that he really held himself in check with those bratty, horrible, soon-to-be inmates of juvenile hall. Swinging an ax around? Big red flag.

    I absolutely loved Pierce and Molly. So sweet and kind to Jay. Mrs. Levine brought memories of TamMe, however. Chill out!! The pressure she was putting on Pierce with his speech really made me hate her.

    And Mrs. Cooke? Words cannot describe. Get off the damn couch and greet your husband with a smile and a hug for gawds' sake!

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    I think MS Cook could use some shock therepy ...like it in sending a couple of volts through the couch or basically in chair she's planted in to make her get her lazy buttocks up.
    "Ms. Cook ,ever hear of DISCIPLINE.!! I don't think those kids have ever expiernced the bad side of a belt or switch in their life. If I acted like that when I was young every tree on their property would have been stripped bare and if that didn't work someone would have uprooted the trees and put a stump to my behind.
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