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Thread: Anyone know what is going on? Only two shows & now repeats.

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    Anyone know what is going on? Only two shows & now repeats.

    I know I saw a preview showing two dads finally changing places, but my Tivo says they will be showing a repeat of the first exchange for the next two weeks. Does anyone know what is going on, I really like this show and was antisipating to see the them finally exchange two dads, but now I don't know when this will finally air. Oh and hi everyone first time poster but been viewing for a while.
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    I don't have any info, I'm just saying hi. Hi.

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    Maybe they decided to show re-runs because of the Olympics They might realize that their ratings won't be as good as they expected this week
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    According to the official site, new episodes will return on Tuesday August 31st.
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    I'm thinking they're trying to dodge the Olympics, too.
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    New episodes will return on the 31st and FOX's plan now is to run the Cooke/Levine episodes back to back (although this is always subject to change)

    FOX is not airing new episodes of any of its "successful" shows during the Olympics. "The Casino", however, will run out its course (no one was watching anyway)

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    Yeah, they dont want to get killed in the ratings.
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    Hello and thanks for the info. All the good shows either have ended or like this one showing reruns my poor Tvio has never been this bare, I hope something good comes out soon cause I don't really like the Olympics.

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    YAY! I was gone for 2 weeks on vacation w/o TV and thought I'd miss the father-swapping one!

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