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Thread: The Bowers Family

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    I agree Sunnyone.. who knows what they were told EXACTLY to do, or NOT to do.

    I forgot about that incident with Samantha hollering at them in the back seat.. then the Bower boy says something like.."that's how my mom acts too!" or "That's what my mom says too!!"

    I wish we could see everything that was filmed. A DVD of every.thing. I think it would be great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by HomeGirl
    Lisa was supposed to come in and be a mom - not a boss. To be a mom, she needed to try to relate to the kids to be able to influence them to do the chores. Given the way she barked orders at them, she didn't earn the respect she needed to get them to do what she wanted. I do not think the fact that the Pilek kids didn't do the chores reflects badly on them so much as Lisa. You have to give respect before you can get respect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by candor
    I agree about the gifts, but there are lots of well-off parents who don't indulge their kids either because they want them to learn the value of a dollar or a hard day's work.
    Warren Buffett, who could safely be called rich, will be leaving his fortune to charity because he thinks giving children a huge inheritance does more harm than good.
    Likewise, I work for a company owned by a very wealthy family. Each of their children and grandchildren worked their way up through the organization, beginning with the most menial jobs.
    I think the point people were trying to make about the Pileks is that work builds character. A reward that's earned is much more valuable than one simply granted.
    Buffet's still bestowing a considerable inheritance to his heirs.
    Leaving an ample inheritance is better than leaving an unsufficing one. The Pileks aren't lazy loafers. The Bowers just have a different work ethnic due to their social differences.

    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_bunny

    That was the point of trading spouses. The mother was to show them the lifestyle she lived. Since she wasn't rich enough to be able to hire a maid, they clean their home themselves. She wasn't asking the children to clean the house, she only asked them to put the dishes in the dishwasher and to fold their own clothes. Samantha taught the Bower children things she would teach her own children, and Lisa was trying to do that with the Pilek children. Grant it she went about it the wrong way, but it wouldnt had hurt the children to do the simple tasks she asked. That was the whole part of trading spouses and getting $50,000 at the end of the week. If they didnt want to participate, they shouldnt had been on the show. .
    Lisa could have eased up on her attitude/personality towards a stranger's family, but she didn't do that. She could have at least asked instead of barging orders around. Her family and neighbors' different reactions to Sam as opposed to Lisa may be proof that Lisa isn't as affable and likeable.
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    Has anyone noticed that Lisa was trying to get even with the Pileks in her decision on their money? Her reputation may have been sullied more after that. It's not like that family was as rude as she tried to make them out to be, and she wasn't exactly an angel either. Why not just exit their home with some honor and class instead of leaving with a chip on your shoulder?

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    Wonder why she would have a chip on her shoulder?? Hmmm maybe because they all were rude to her The Pileks and their neighbors were just as nasty as she was to them. True she came off a bit harsh, but that didnt make it right for them to be just as nasty back to her. Why didnt they have more class and participate in the show for a week? Afterall they were getting $50,000.. which was something they didn't need anyways. Now before anyone accuses my post of being bias, I am not bias toward any social class of people one way or the other. I am just saying they were just as rude as she was to them. I am not condoning Lisa's behaviour, but their behaviour was just as nasty as the way some of you have complained about Lisa's behaviour. She did get even with the Pileks. She didnt leave the dad anything and she gave Katie $10,000 for orthodonta. With Lisa being a dental hygenist, I think she would had known a better estimate for dental work. Lisa should had left after the boat incident, I wouldnt had stayed a day longer in that house.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Littlemermaid
    Lisa could have eased up on her attitude/personality towards a stranger's family, but she didn't do that. She could have at least asked instead of barging orders around. Her family and neighbors' different reactions to Sam as opposed to Lisa may be proof that Lisa isn't as affable and likeable.
    True and the Pileks could had eased up on their attitude and personality toward her also. If she would had asked, I honestly dont think they would had listened either. So they both made their week the hell it was in my opinion. Lisa needs to get some family counseling, and I hope her family goes with her. They are very nice people and their mom needs some counseling. The Pileks could use some lessons on manners. Maybe Samantha can teach her own children things.

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    I just read this whole discussion and must add my two cents worth.
    About the maid thing. When my kids were at home I had a maid. She was here to do general things, laundry, ironing, house cleaning. She was no ones personal maid. She did the laundry and each kid put away their own things. She did heavy housework but was not responsible for picking up and straightening for the family members. It seems that we may be confusing a professional employee with someone who is hired to be the family slave. Unless daddy is going to pay someone to wipe these kids noses for the rest of their lives, they are going to be in trouble. I would be ashamed for people to know that I had kids who didn't know how to fold and put clothes away.
    Little "Britney" does NOT need to plan on her "talent" seeing her through. For the life of me I don't see that happening.
    I didn't think the ten thousand for orthodontics was too excessive. I'm thinking that my grandsons braces and other work may come close to that amount. He isn't through yet, so don't know for sure. Besides, what else would you use it on? It seems like they already have everything they want.
    I didn't get to hear what all the money was allocated to, on either side, but I think it would be hard to decide those things after only one week.
    It seems that the show is intended to start controversy. Seems like it's working.

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    Uncle Slam
    You know I was a bit confused about the money for dental care myself. I mean most middle class people have dental insurance that will cover most if not all of dental expenses so my guess is that the Pilek family wouldn't have to worry about the cost of their dental care already. Since Lisa worked in that field she should have known that already.

    It kind of makes me wonder.

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    many dental insurance plans cover cavaties and x-ways, but they often don't cover orthodontia, which would be braces and whatnot to straighten otherwise "healthy" teeth.

    however, I think it was meanspirited of Mom Bowers towards Katie to point out her teeth as such a "flaw" that needed so much help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Uncle Slam
    I mean most middle class people have dental insurance that will cover most if not all of dental expenses ...
    I wish. My insurance only covers two cleanings a year, and they don't pay for all of that.
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