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Thread: The Pilek Family

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texicana
    Samantha is just a gem of a person...I really like how she took each Bowers child for some alone time and did things they like.
    I liked how she did that too and was wondering why Lisa didn't take more of an initiative to go have some fun with the kids. I figured it's because Sam must be more energetic and hates to sit home, while Lisa is more of a homebody.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pnkrockpunk
    I agree. That's how they are, that's how they live, and there is nothing wrong with that. Thier used to that lifestyle. Lisa may be rude but Samantha's husband was rude to. This show really makes me think.
    I think what is unfortunate about this show is that everyone was pretty much for it except for Samantha's husband and kids. They didn't want to do this one bit and it really made it worse for Lisa. I think Lisa would have faired better with a different family who was open to the idea (like Lisa's family was). I know a lot of people just didn't like Lisa, but I would have hated to be with that family for one minute and it irks me that they even signed up for this show when it was clearly something they didn't want to do.

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    Ho's on the boat

    I have never posted on a reality tv show message board before, but those three hags on the boat have caused me to waste two minutes to rant.

    WHAT ugly witches. In every sense. True, there is bound to be some heavy editing and things we didn't see or hear that may have taken place, but that is no excuse for their behavior. I'm hoping that the three of them where being paid to be so snarky. "Acting" on a reality tv show is probably the best job they could ever hope to get with personalities like that.

    I CRACKED UP when they kept complimenting each other..."well, look at us....of course she's insecure!" They are all deluded. The Botox must be seeping into their brains because they were all three withered, leather-faced, OLD, and just as nasty on the inside as they are on the outside.

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    Oh, and to the site JenX... stick around and talk about ALL the reality shows, you know you want to!
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    Jurek Pilek was a jerk or jurk indeed...He is the adult and he acted so immature and so did his ugly attitude lady friends. Seriously, I can't believe that the Jurek has all that money but absolutely no class whatsoever. Do everyone a favor Jurek ... go back to finishing school, and set a better example for your kids.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nghe
    Couple observations:

    1. Samantha uses encouraging words to build relations with the Bowers children. She praised the kids, took Eric to a chef's kitchen to let him explore new things, suggested Katlyn to let her hair down often because the latter was pretty etc.

    2. Lisa, on the other hand, tended to make fun of the Pilek children. At the batting cage, she constantly yelled "That's a strike etc." instead of giving the kid encouraging word to do better.

    From what I saw, Lisa wanted to be a new boss in the house, not a new mommy.


    As much as we tend to sympathyize with folks who aren't really well off, well frankly, Lisa is a person who does NOT deserve sympathy, rich or otherwise.

    Sam, on the other hand, did EARN our respect for her! Yes she's physically attractive, yes she has a big house and nice cars, yes she's the "perfect" mom everyone "dreams" about...... so why would anybody still dislike her is my question? So she might have had a few botox injections on her face, but does THAT make her a bad person?


    Lisa, on the other hand, is everything Sam is not. And that says ALOT!!!!!!

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    I thought Samantha was beautiful inside and out. She genuinely cared for the Bowers Family and really had a fun time, but the Bowers Family were willing to listen to her ideas, where the Pilek Family didn't even give Lisa a chance. Lisa is pushy and bossy, but they really made it tough for her and its no wonder there wasn't any bonds made with any member of this family. I think if she had approached it differently, it wouldnt have even mattered, because this family didn't want to be in the show, and I am not sure why they entered it at all. They didnt deserve the money and Lisa did distribute it out the best she knew how, considering the circumstances.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zaaam
    Jurek Pilek was a jerk or jurk indeed...He is the adult and he acted so immature and so did his ugly attitude lady friends. Seriously, I can't believe that the Jurek has all that money but absolutely no class whatsoever. Do everyone a favor Jurek ... go back to finishing school, and set a better example for your kids.
    I don't think he's a jerk at all. Lisa was the FIRST person who instigated almost all the "stuff" / problems on her "west-coast" experience.

    Why? because....

    1) the maid thing. Think about this from the pov of Mr Pilek and his kids. They DO NOT DO housework. PERIOD. That is what they hired the maid to do the job. It's not being spoiled or lazy or anything..... Lisa had to make herself the "bad" person, knowing FULL WELL the Pileks paid with their own money for maid service, and got everyone upset because what? 5 year old? 13 year old kid? didn't do the laundary? or clean the dishes? Besides, if Lisa was so adamant about wanting to "fit in", I don't think this stunt she pulled on the dad and kids helped her at all........ at that's just ONE of many instances why it was all Lisa's fault for her own misery.... read on.....

    2) her interaction with the kids. Poor Zach and Kaitlin, the fact they're rich (and spoiled) does not mean they deserve the kind of treatment from their "guest" (not even good enough to be called a surrogate mother at this point because "mothers" are alot more loving and caring than THAT thing call Lisa). I just don't understand it. I mean Kaitlin for one thing, she's a little kid! A little girl for god skaes! Alot younger than Lisa's offsprings. She can't treat her like how she treat teenagers...... the standard has to be different.... I don't know if she ever thought about Katilin's feelings or how she felt from the very beginning, the poor kid probably missed her mom terribly in the first place because the thought of a stranger "replacing" her mother makes her a bit weary about the whole process..... and it became 1000 times worse with the kind of attitude Lisa brought to the household.... NO WONDER the kid HATES her. The same thing with Zach. You know the main problem here is Lisa who is obviously not very well versed in the art of parenting.... forget about her own kids for a sec here, the main reason why she wasn't well liked by the Pilek kids is that she has OBSOLUTELY no idea how to interact with them! She couldn't think of one "interesting" thing to do with Kailin or Zach (unlike the way Sam dealt with Lisa's kids, which was very well thought out and "perfect") .....the fact she goes to the baseball practice with Zach isn't because she is being a "good mom accompanying her kid" but really because she couldn't think of anything else to do and I think she just went with Zach just for the heck of it.... to kill boredom! Let's face it, she doesn't know diddley squat about the sport of baseball..... for her to criticize Zach on his skills speak VOLUMES about Lisa's own maturity, personality and sanity! At the very least that kid can wip her a$$ in baseball, no doubt about it...... that should be good enough to shut her big mouth!!!! But no...

    Thus no wonder why the kids felt what they felt they bear absolutely NO responsibility for Lisa's misery!

    3) the neighbours. It's like this, do you guys honestly think the whole neighbourhood is wrong about Lisa while she is the only one that says she is the "good" guy out there? Come on! Talk about The-Trish-Inferiority-Complex (remember the season of Jesse Palmer The Bachelor) .......it's not like there was just one neighbour or one person who did not have a favorable opinion of her. Everyone from the "neighbourhood-meeting" to the boat-party has some sort of negative opinion of her. Now whether some of the comments were justified or not besides the point, the point IS that Lisa has a terrible rotton personality. And it is very easy to pick on her and offend her, justified or not!

    I admit the gal with the weird teeth and "funny-accent" is also terrible! You would think her own "ugliness" is enough to keep her mouth shut or at least have the decency and modesty not to make fun of someone just as ugly and appalling as her.

    Look, Lisa has only herself to blame. She instigated the whole setup for herself. If she had only stayed in the house, watch some tv or something instead of going though the whole neighbourhood and ceremoniously announcing Dental Hygienist to everyone who are within listening distance, whether they give a *** or not I swear to god if I'm going to listen to one more word about dental hygiene!!!!!!!! No wonder the Pileks and their friends hate her!!! I hate her! And the fact she gave 10 grand on "dental" (that word again!!) braces just sealed the fate of any reconciliation or "meeting" with the two families in the future.

    Way to go Lisa!

    4) not to add anymore bad things about her or anything but the fact she's a loud, obnoxious drunk doesn't help matter either! Remember her "sushi" experience? My god! Can anyone be more drunk? I mean you don't drink THAT much in front of your friends, let alone in front of your surrogate husband and kids? Talk about making a BAD example.

    Seriously, what has the Pilek kids learned from Lisa during this whole experience? What ONE positive lesson have they learned from her? I tell ya..... NONE NOTHING NADA!!!! Unlike what Lisa's own kids learned plenty from Sam with their experience.

    How can anyone blame any member of the Pilek for getting this rotten deal is beyond me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by canadian_bunny
    I thought Samantha was beautiful inside and out. She genuinely cared for the Bowers Family and really had a fun time, but the Bowers Family were willing to listen to her ideas, where the Pilek Family didn't even give Lisa a chance
    See above reasons why.

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    Even if she wouldnt had been loud or obnoxious, the Pilek Family would still be the way they were. They had no interest in participating in the trading spouses idea. I am not condoning her parenting skills. The whole point of the show was to trade moms and to try to instill or teach different values than what they are used to. About washing the dishes, folding clothes, etc.. it doesn't matter if they pay someone to do it, it would not had hurt them to put them away. As far as Mr Pilek doing housework ( on the last episode.. He and Katie were folding clothes and putting things away before Samantha got home)... Why would it had been such a big deal to do that when Lisa had asked them too instead of making such an issue of it? I understand they dont do housework because the maid does it for them, but the point of the trading spouses was to learn from the other mother about the way she lived with her spouse and children, which because the Bowers couldn't afford a maid .. would had been to pitch in and help clean house. Although Lisa only asked them to do ONE little chore to each child, and they couldnt do that! I really dont see why others are saying .. because you hire someone to clean your home that the child or other people living in the house shouldnt do the work, because you pay someone to do it. No matter what your opinion of it is, I will not change my thoughts on the matter because it absolutely makes no sense to me. If I hired a maid to clean my house, I would still pick up after myself and not expect my hired help to do it all. I would expect her to do the basic cleaning, but folding towels, doing dishes, putting up my own clothes, I would do myself. I was raised to pick up after myself. Teaching children to do things for themselves, be a little independant and not always depend on your parents or a maid to do it for you.. would had been a valuable lesson for them.
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