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Thread: The Pilek Family

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    Doesn't anyone else think that Zack is extremely attractive? I'm surprised he doesn't have a girlfriend. I would totally go out with him, he's hot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by divaexpatriate
    Perfectly said.

    yeah I know someone who thinks he's a call-it-as-I-see-it person however it's little more than a double-standard cop-out for his rude insensitivity. and he gets very defensive when anyone tries to CALL HIM OUT as they see HIM

    example: he says he firmly believes in treating others the way you yourself want to be treated, yet half the stuff that flies out of his uncontrolled mouth is very toxic and negative ... This man turns new people off within 1 minute... no joke. it's almost like he challenges people to stand up to him. so immature

    anyway thumbs down to Lisa Bowers

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    Re: The Pilek Family

    I just watched this show and it is 2008! Wonder what the families are doing now? Right, who cares. I wasn't crazy about either moms, but I liked Lisa's family better. I really disliked the bimbo friends on the boat. No matter how Lisa acted, they really showed their ignorance by treating her so poorly. I couldn't believe they were making fun of her and her husband, while she was right outside. They reminded me what a cackle sounded like.
    I wondered if maybe the three of them were sharing one brain.

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