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Thread: 7/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Mela's choice for giving every single cent to Nana is perfect! I mean if you are worrying about the nakamura kids aren't happy about their zero-earnings is merely a small tiny concern..... I'm sure they'll get over it after going on a shopping spree on dad's credit. There's no injustice in this case... in fact justice was served!

    In your face Tammy!

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    OTOH, I thought Yuki showed his true colors when he put his foot down about having guests bringing their own food. He started off kind of bland for me and I couldn't get ahold of any aspects about his character... but then it just got worse. I was like... damn... of all the things to get your shorts knotted up over. I just didn't get it-- he wasn't going to have to take part in any of the cooking or anything-- why is he objecting so much to letting her have her way just this once ? The second time he showed his royal ...tchiness: when the guests started arriving and there was (understandable) tension, but Yuki did nothing to help diffuse it with introductions or simply a few warm comments. Furthermore, when the party was underway and Mela was still nervous & in the kitchen, he didn't even bother coming in and inviting her out! Wow.. either he's being petty because he's still mad at her for imposing her rules on how the party was going to be run, or else... he's just a cold-hearted, selfish person looking out for his own best interest.
    He certainly was and I think marrying someone like Tammy says alot about him too. I'm disappointed in him as well..... he did not treat Mela as how he should've had- an equal. But no he chose the pompous path and he did not even try to make Mela one of the family, which is sad..... and frankly a bit ignorant.

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    Tammy is absolutely delusional. That story she read - WTF? I've seen that idiotic story a million times. Its one of those sickening emails you get that say that you need to forward it to ten friends or your dog will die.

    Other than that I think she did do a pretty good job in allocating the money. The only thing I would have done differently would be to set up a fund for the kids' education instead of taking $22k as a doen payment on anew home. The Biggins seemed satisfied with the house they had.
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    I think people are making assumptions about Mela NOT putting thought into her choice for how the money gets spent. She probably thought about it really hard but kept coming up with choices like "buy another water toy to play with at the lake home" or "buy another plasma TV" etc. I think her choice was appropriate and from the heart.

    Tammy, you really think you touched the Biggins family in a positive way? In the words of Mr. Biggins, "Bulllllllls*#t!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selkie
    Also I'm sure Yuki would like to kill Mela because he probably felt she was disrespecting his care of his own mother.
    My family is almost half Asian and respect is HUGE in our family.
    Care of the elderly is paramount. And all the elderly people are very sweet acting, but have an iron will hiding behind their nice ways.
    She probably was and he probably would. However, that doesn't change the fact that Mela did the right thing.

    Even with her new car, Nana will stay with her son and his family. Tammy and Yuki's children will benefit from her good heart. And everyone will be well-fed and happy - Nana will still care for them. But Nana will have a happiness in her heart because she has a new friend and more freedom. And, that is lovely, indeed.

    I was willing to think Tammy was just foolish... until I realized that she saw herself as their savior!? That kind of thinking is scary and dangerous. Her insults... her attitude... her thinly veiled disdain... *sigh*

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    I'm sorry what was soooooo hard for Tammy to make up the $50K distribution? It's EASY to distribute for poor people. Folks you're giving her TOO much credit. Poor people normally have bills up the ying yang. So thats easy. The house isn't AS nice as Tammys so they need a new house. Waaaalllaaaaaa down payment for the house. NOW is it easy to distribute for people that have EVERYTHING? No. Nana is THE FAMILY! Nana is treated like a servant aka slave aka a minority (which is what she's called in AmeriKKKa). The BROWN people have to do EVERYTHING around the house. Hence the brown people had to clean the yard, while the MAJORITY is watching football and drinking a beer. The majority gives the orders while the Brown people aka Nana has to clean, cook and SERVE. What year is this again? My grandmother is her age and my mother cooks and BRINGS (drives) her food everyday. My grandmother is just as capable as Nana isn't given ANY respect in the house. I think Mr. Yuki has an identity problem and thinks everything white is RIGHT.

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    As for the kids, I like them ALOT. They were very sweet and I think Melas sweet goodbye to them was ENOUGH. Money shouldn't be given to them and taught that it's the ONLY thing that can make them happy. They made a friend (Mela) and that should be good enough. Money is the root of evil.

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    - I wasn't surprised Tammy was able to spend the Biggins' $50,000 so well, something tells me she spends $50,000 at one time often... except I do wonder how she had any idea of how much debt the Biggins had when she alloted $20,000 towards their debt?

    - Did surprise me that Mela left all the money to Nana, but I think that decision was validated even more as they were showing Nana helping Mela out to the taxi in the rain early in the morning.... unless that was the best editing of all, because in real life Tammy is the nice one and Nana is cold-hearted and what we were actually seeing is Nana in a rush to get Mela out of her house! hehe Conspiracy theories, gotta love 'em.

    - And I wonder how much, if any, creative editing went into this show to make Tammy out to be such a witch? However, I'd say unless they took every single word she uttered out of context, I have a feeling the impression we got of her isn't far off the mark, because even if Tammy's comments were edited or taken out of context, the Biggins family sure made enough comments to back up our impressions of her.

    - The main question I was left with, though, was: how, or will, the producers monitor how the families actually spend the money??

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposed
    Money is the root of evil.

    That "tax bracket" comment that came from Tammy's lip just about sent me over the edge. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. Crass. Crass. Crass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sunshine62923

    That "tax bracket" comment that came from Tammy's lip just about sent me over the edge. I just sat there with my mouth hanging open. Crass. Crass. Crass.
    I thought of the same thing.

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