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Thread: 7/27 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I was happy with the results of the show - especially when everyone was freaking out that they themselves wouldn't be making the decisions on the money.

    There are some aspects of the show that aren't working. I think they should tell the family like immediately after they start making new rules, something like "Well, you have to do it or your 50 grand is going to charity." Ha-Ha-Ha!

    Regardless, I like the show - I'll be there next week (as long as my memory cooperates).

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    Quote Originally Posted by mozzz
    - I wasn't surprised Tammy was able to spend the Biggins' $50,000 so well, something tells me she spends $50,000 at one time often... except I do wonder how she had any idea of how much debt the Biggins had when she alloted $20,000 towards their debt?
    The funny thing is (or not so funny from the Biggin's pov) is that Tammy is costing the Biggins MORE in debt with the "down payment" on a brand new house.... remember guys, it is only a "down payment", the Biggins will still have to come up with the rest in full to own that new house. So to me Tammy should've learned more about how much the Biggins owe and use the money to repay the debt in full. That would be lot better imo.

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    Well, it's not technically Tammy's problem that the Biggins are in so much debt, to be fair.
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    Quote Originally Posted by FinallyHere
    Tammy is absolutely delusional. That story she read - WTF? I've seen that idiotic story a million times. Its one of those sickening emails you get that say that you need to forward it to ten friends or your dog will die.

    I thought the exact same thing. That whole segment was so funny. She was just reading the story sobbing her way through it, and all the kids didn't listen to one word she said.

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    OH my gosh - that was so funny!

    But... actually, Tammy did one good thing in how she distributed the Biggins' windfall. I think that the down payment was a great idea. Real estate is usually a great investment, right?

    And, with the $20,000, they can pay off 2/3 of their debt which is quite a bit. Also, wouldn't a mortgage be a lot less than rent - especially with a nice down payment? Plus, couldn't they roll over the remaining debt into their new mortgage? (I really don't know how that works, but I have heard of such things before)

    I mean, seriously, the Biggins are not going to buy a house like the Nakamuras. I don't live in TX, but I'm sure they can find something nice for a reasonable amount. Something that would allow $22,000 to be a nice down payment. Also, I think that Tammy's strength lies in being a businesswoman, so she probably did a little research on their behalf.

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    Mela did the right thing.
    Nana is up in years and looks to be the one who holds the house together anyway so let her have the cash.
    The kids will be taken care of regardless.
    Tammy already has 'the life' anyway(lazy Aa$$ )

    Yuki is the bread winner and isn't hurting for anything.

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    I'm surprised how much I like this show. Caught it for the first time last night and I couldn't believe some of Tammy's audacities. The families and friends, for the most part, were great, especially the kids.

    I like the "twist" in that the wives get to allocate the families 50K. I also like the concept of using a rich and poor family for each swap. Good show.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CantGetNuf
    I was really confused when Tammy said "50,000 isn't a lot for you or me." I was like Who is she talking to? Cus trust me 50.000 is a lot for me. Does Tammy think everyone is rich? Either your rich or your a Biggens?
    I noticed that too!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Selkie
    The problem with Mela's choice to give all the money to Nana , is that the rest of Nakamuras (particularly the kids) probably thought Mela was mad at them or something. I know if I was kid I'd be confused and see it that way.
    Even though those kids grow up in a nice lifestyle, theyre still kids and dont have their own power yet.
    It would of been nice to give small amount to them.
    Also I'm sure Yuki would like to kill Mela because he probably felt she was disrespecting his care of his own mother.
    My family is almost half Asian and respect is HUGE in our family.
    Care of the elderly is paramount. And all the elderly people are very sweet acting, but have an iron will hiding behind their nice ways.
    Yeah, I think she should have gave some to other family members. I'm guessing Tammy wouldn't have participated in the switch if there wasn't money involved (just like Mr. Biggins said about himself), so it seems kind of unfair for Tammy, because she had to switch and she basically got nothing in return. As much as I dislike the way she was acting on tv (I can't say I dislike her because I don't know her or how the show was edited), I do think it would only be fair for her to recieve some money too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Exposed
    I think Mr. Yuki has an identity problem and thinks everything white is RIGHT.
    Why do you think this? Just because he married Tammy?

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