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Thread: The Nakamura Family.

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    While sitting in my car this afternoon, I happened to catch Tammy on The Don and Mike Radio Show being her usual bitchy self. Don and Mike were kind of put off by her snotty personality while she kept trying to defend herself ... you know the old song and dance ... that dadgum "tricky editing"! :rolleyes Haw! Once the interview was over, listeners called in, one after the other, saying what a nasty bitch she is. Don and Mike got all excited and said they can't wait to watch tonight.

    How do you clean projectile-sprayed Red Bull off a dashboard? Owwwwieeee, my poor nose!!!!

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    [QUOTE=The grandma (Hideko): She's simply ADORABLE!! 72 and in such damn good shape..good for her!! I'm absolutely LOVING how she's becoming so close to the other mother.. she honestly brought tears to my eyes. I don't like how they treat her as if she's the hired hand though.. maybe the more we see, it'll not seem that way. Either way.. it seems to all work well to have her do [i]everything[/i].

    I also loved Nanna. In Japanese culture, it's quite normal for the mother of the family to do all the cooking, and taking care of others. This is a cultural thing and you shouldn't let it bother you.

    I think her relationship with her grandchildren and the new "mother" is very sincere and loving. As far as Tammy, she obviously got very spoiled once she married yuki and had Nanna there to take care of her every need. YUCK!

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    Umm...my fiftysomething Japanese mother-in-law is so not the domestic type, sorry to shatter the stereotype
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    In Asian cultures, wives are expected to care for their husband's parents, not the other way around (like Nana does Tammy).

    I suspect Nana only cleans because Tammy doesn't.

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    I'm not bothered at all that Nana does everything, and I'm well aware of certain cultures where it's nothing to have the woman do everything. I just don't find this is what the arrangement is. In the beginning of the episode, WHO really knows how Tammy meant it.. but she said, "Nana is great, she knows her place." As if there was an agreement, like.. "Ok. Your mother can live with us ONLY if she cooks, cleans, etc..."..
    But as I said in an earlier post of mine.. looks like the arrangement is working. Whether Nana loves it or not, I just think she's happy keeping busy and in shape by doing it all. Not that she would particularly WANT to cook day and day out, but the arrangement works for her.

    Also, in the first episode.. When she said something about the show kidnapping her.. I'll bet she was tongue and cheeking that one, cause I'll betcha she was hoping!!
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    The more I think about it the more I think Tammyis a primadonna.
    Who knows how the arragements were worked out,but I'll say this when that rich boy was doing the puzzle with Al-Mela and the boy said his mother would never do this with him,it spoke volumes.

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    Tammy is a bit frightening to me in the way she speaks. She has this stepford-wife smile on her face, yet speaks with such venom. She is an incredibly ignorant woman. It's painful to watch her "interact"? with the Biggins kids. I really feel for them. It was cute how at first the one Biggins son seemed a bit smitten by her ... but that didn't last (good boy!) The kids are so polite, and I almost got teary-eyed watching them cook their own breakfast and sweep the kitchen while Tammy sat on her low-carb-preachin' ass, eating bacon, drinking her coffee, and reading the newspaper.

    [Sarcasm] Isn't it amazing how they can edit :rolleyes Tammy to look so superficial, ignorant, a tad racist (but she's too stupid to realize it), lazy, arrogant, snotty, selfish ..... [/Sarcasm] I'll stop with the top ten things that annoy me about her, yet I could go on and on. I'm not surprised she's claiming on the radio that it's the editing. Yeeeaaahhh, riiiiiightttt.

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    I read Tammy used to be a truck driver from Kentucky and that she met Yuki at a diner she was working and she proposed to him after dating briefly. I thought it was customary in Asian societies to have the man propose marriage. What’s up with that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by decan
    She doesn't deserve to get compensated that's all I gotta say....

    Well, I don't want to be an expert on Tammy or anything.... ok maybe I am a little bit...... but I think there is something a bit not right about the Nakamura family, especially what's between Yuki and Tammy.

    Look, well first of all I'm not against inter-racial marriages in any shape or form and in fact what I'm about to say has absolutely nothing to do with the issue of inter-racial marriages. Let's be clear on that.

    Now having said that I just don't/ can't see the love between Yuki and Tammy, let alone being married together.

    Ok first look at their economic status... one's a successful comestic surgeon the other a modest truck driver..... I'm not saying they can't date and marry but the likelihood of THAT union is just as likely as being struck by lightening!

    Which leads me to suspect this,

    I think Tammy's primary goal in her life is to be a gold-digger (and obviously a successful one) but unlike your typical "player" she would DO just about anything..... even marrying off to an asian spouse to get what she wants. She is that desperate.... that determined.... I'm not saying that's necessarily a bad thing.... since the rewards (in the end) for her is probably more than she could ever hope for and like some of you said, she has been handsomely compensated!

    But the fact of the matter is she doesn't like Yuki at all. She is in this marriage for ALL the wrong reasons. And it's painfully obvious even from a stranger watching the show thousands of miles away.... but what bothers me the most is what her kids are going through in this kind of environment.

    Look, the fact of the matter is she does not fully understand the knowledge or knowhow of an inter-racial marriage.... in fact she probably doesn't even know what a good marriage is about! The point is she doesn't understand Yuki's side of the family, she doesn't understand Japanese culture. Do you think for a second that "Nana" likes to do ALL the chores of the house while you being the daughter-in-law does nothing but go to god-knows-where for happy-hour 24 hours a day 7 days a week? Do you think she likes to be called "Nana" at all? I mean where's the respect for elders? The responsiblity of being a mother, daughter-in-law, and wife? I'm not saying Tammy should suddenly turn herself into a full time kitchen mom (I don't expect her to nor would she be able to, imagine her being in the kitchen would be a disaster) but she should at least be involved in her family's life, her kid's life more than what I'm hearing about her. And it all comes down to what and how the relationship was between Yuki and Tammy in the first place. What kind of a dating relationship do they have before marriage? And I'm sorry to say but evidence does suggest that the couple is not compatible with eachother at all. It's enough to have to deal with the aches and pains of a dating relationship but to add inter-racial relations into the mix is a whole different story and it will add to complications. Unless Tammy (and I'm leaving Yuki out because he seems to adjust to western American culture pretty fine) knows how to deal in Japanese culture or have an extensive knowledge about her husband's culture (which I doubt she does), then basically this relationship is a sham! It doesn't have any of a good foundation that is needed for a a happy successful relationship, let alone marriage.

    And the only reason why this marriage is still "in tact" is because of two things- money and kids.

    Even Nana would put up with her daughter-in-law's obnoxious behaviour at the sake of her grandchildren. Let' put it this way, do you think Nana would be in the picture, in the house washing, cleaning, cooking, living with Tammy and Yuki if they had no kids together? She'll bust herself off with the first available plane ticket back to Japan than to spend one more day with Tammy! Are you kidding me.....

    WOW!! You got ALL that from about 20 minutes of air-time. Amazing!

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    my wife and i caught the rerun last night and i could hardly believe how that lady kept looking worse and worse as the hour passed.
    i think it was bill rancic from the apprentice who said something like 'they can only edit what you give them' so i wouldn't buy her excuse that they edited it to make her sound bad.we live in southlake, probably about 5 minutes or so from their neighborhood, and i could easily see someone acting like that. i'm actually surprised the father and the kids seem so normal.
    didn't she make some comment about how it would be fine with her if her husband cheated on her with a younger woman, as long as her lifestyle wasn't affected???
    amela is like on vacation while tammy is wondering how she got herself into all of this.
    i feel bad for the biggins family for having to be stuck with her for a whole week....
    they must have edited out all of her 'positivism'
    i wonder what her and her family are thinking now as they watch this?
    wonder if someone will direct them to this site for some 'constructive criticism'?

    i do believe these shows are edited to make people appear how the producers want them to for ratings......i'll just keep telling myself that since we're practically neighbors and probably go to the same church

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