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Thread: 7/20 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Yes..she did say that about her husband. She also said something to the effect of.. "... he can be with her as long as I live the same lifestyle".

    Pretty much sums up what she's all about.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SuperHippo
    You know I think we're all being a little too harsh on Tammy and the Nakamura family. (ducks as a barrage of Tomatoes are thrown in my direction). Even Omarosa had her defenders but I haven't seen one person defend Tammy.
    I'm sorry you feel we're being too harsh on her, but we're just calling it like we've seen it .....

    She has feelings too.
    And those were some of the ugliest feelings I've EVER witnessed, and she should be ashamed of herself!

    And her family has feelings too. I mean how would you feel if you were Natalie Nakamura, Tammy's cute daughter, and you're reading that your parents' whole marriage is a sham and that your mom is a gold digger. I mean come on, they've been married for 17 years. How long do marriages last nowadays? So what if she was a truck driver or a son of a plumber, and is noveau rich. I don't see Tammy having done anything really wrong.
    I'm at a loss for words if you can't see anything really wrong with Tammy's actions. Just speechless about that one. Those types of marriages last long because women like that discover a financial freedom they've never had before and simply keep themselves busy with the posh extras of life, like redecorating the mansion, or working with a decorator to furnish the summer house, going to the beauty salon, clothes shopping, etc., and taking care of the the kids (having teenagers is a full-time-PLUS job!). But as far as her children are concerned, we've been very complimentary about them (if you've read the other threads) and think they're great kids who shouldn't feel responsible nor ashamed for what an idiot mom they have.

    (I even saw a seal jumping in the huge pool, whatupwitthat).
    That was their dog.

    Cute Omar, and lovable mom. I don't exactly see them as being dirt poor to me. I'm not too familiar with the Dallas area, but they look like they live in a nice middle class African American suburb. (Such things do exist, although most people don't realize it)
    I don't think anyone's disputing that a nice middle class African American suburb exists. Think you're stirring the pot a little there. And since you're not too familiar with the Dallas area, maybe the ten or so people who have been posting about living there themselves could clear it up (or just read some of the threads from a couple days ago ... it's all there.)

    As far as Nana is concerned. How many wives are cool with the Mother in Law living with them 24-7? Probably not many.
    I'm with you on that. However, it's obvious Tammy keeps her around to be her slave and servant. She could still live with them, but just doesn't have to work her ass off like she does. Tammy feeds into that, so now Nana is completely programmed. I totally believe Nana DOES enjoy what she does, though. I just think Tammy's nasty bossy behavior is appauling!

    Anyway, Nathalie Nakamura, if you're reading this you've got a great family and wonderful parents, and a wonderful mom. Don't let the cynics/player haters get to you. (Ducks as more tomatoes are thrown).
    Nathalie, if you've been reading this forum, you have nothing to worry about. You can read the many threads where we've mentioned how sweet and beautiful we think you are!

    Still friends, Hippo?
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    Word Rumpshaker, Word.

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