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Thread: 7/20 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I'm just hoping someone mentions how much CoolFamily needs the money to pay off debts. I'm sure RB doesn't haven't a clue about stuff like that, she has "people" that do that. I can just see her hire a live-in housekeeper for this family instead of using it wisely as they intended.

    PLEASE, CoolMom, give the bulk to charity!!! Don't let RB profit off causing your family this much grief.

    I can just imagine the reception CoolMom will be getting from her family ... and so glad of it! RB will wonder why no one missed her.
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    I wasn't going to watch this, but I did and enjoyed it.

    I missed the thing about 50k...does each mom get it to spend it on their new "family"?

    I dislike RB...very lazy, very spoiled and really high maintenance. I didn't know that her hubby was a plastic surgeon...you'd think she'd look better in a bathing suit.

    Was that a dryer next to the stove in Mela's (?) kitchen?

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    Rich mom was a trophy wife 10 or 15 years ago. Now...not so much. She may be the most irritating woman I have seen on reality TV for quite a while.

    Rich dad's voice reminded me of Sulu from Star Trek. He is almost robotic in his appearance and voice, but he is obviously extremely smark and hard working, and according to rich mom, doesn't get hung up about his minority status.

    Poor mom started having kids at 15. That's a recipe for a hard life, especially economically, but she seems to have a good attitude.

    Poor dad is apparently not the biological father of the children if poor dad and poor mom met while in medical tech school (which was probably just a few years ago). Poor dad seems to have superhuman patience. That will not last another week.


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    I like my coffee in the morning, but I hope I'm not the complete witch that woman is without it. How nice that she mistook her new "husband" for the help. Well, a production assistant kind of "help."

    Mela gets kudos for raising some well-trained kids - not only were they able to make themselves breadfast, but they cleaned up after themselves - even swept the floor. If I were their mom I'd be cheering. Even if I were guest mom that deserved a mention, but she was still pouting about not being waited on.

    One more strike against RB: she officially ruined that hairstyle for me. Ugh!
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    i loved this show cant wait till next week dang that white lady needs to chill out shes being a bitch in some one elses house she wont eat any thing they try to cook for her she wont at least help cook wont get up without coffee shes blow fries her hair and causes a black out uh to many to list... i think just looking at her house and additude i think shes just a gold digger...

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    in the kitchen, darling!
    I just knew Tammy wouldn't eat the breakfast one of the boys was nice enough to fix. Too many carbs for her

    At least Mela had the grace enough to try the sushi.
    " I look like Nigella Lawson with a $#*!ing hangover."

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    I like the gay and straight changing out...............now that would be a good show to watch....

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    RB Sadly it fits her.

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    Quote Originally Posted by esmattynd
    Rich dad's voice reminded me of Sulu from Star Trek.

    I thought the same thing
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    You know there's got to be a production tent outside in the back yard, catered for all the crew, with a 40 cup coffee urn there! I was laughing that the Biggins dad had to go drive somewhere to get her coffee. If it were me, I'd have packed my little 4-cup coffee pot with me and that situation never would have happened.

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