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Thread: Top Design 10/22 Recap: Blinded by the Light

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    Top Design 10/22 Recap: Blinded by the Light

    Is it bad that I can’t remember which designer got eliminated on last week’s episode of Top Design? They all blend together after a while. Plus, after the trauma of hearing Wisit sing his way off the show, no one is going to top him for annoying and memorable exits.

    Eddie gives kudos to Preston for winning the last elimination challenge. He then tells us that Preston is all talk and no action. Um, sweetie, I think winning a challenge actually is action. Ondine and Andrea are having a regular girl lovefest. There’s a knock on the door and Andrea finds a huge bouquet of flowers from her husband, Actor Rick Schroder, along with a poem about how much he loves her. After 18 years of marriage, that’s pretty sweet. Apparently, Ondine knows about Andrea’s hubby and then tells us how great Andrea is.

    Jonathan Adler Living
    The designers all meet Jonathan and India in the design studio, where they find two tables loaded with Jonathan Adler products - light, pottery, rugs, etc. – and some books, including India’s. Jonathan breaks the bad news: it’s time for another Pop Design! No one is happy. This challenge will be a test of their composition and styling ability. Eddie feels completely confident. Did you know he works for Martha Stewart. It’s true. Accessories can transform a room and this challenge will illustrate that. Each designer will be given a space with a beige sofa and a stark coffee table and side table. They can use any Jonathan Adler products and books from any of the other judges. The winner will receive immunity and a special perk.

    Nathan thinks immunity would be great, but thinks the others may feel he doesn’t work as hard in the elimination challenge when he has immunity. Andrea admits accessorizing isn’t her thing and she’s feeling the pressure. Ondine knows she hasn’t really proven herself to the judges yet. Eddie whines that it feels like he’s doing a Jonathan Adler window display and then bitches that if he wanted to work at a Jonathan Adler store, he would have filled out an application. Meow.

    Time’s up and Jonathan and India survey the results. Eddie actually bristles when Jonathan calls him a stylist. Jonathan points out that because he’s confident in his talent, he (Jonathan) doesn’t care about the label people give him. Andrea’s space isn’t as pulled together as the others and the console in the back looks haphazard. Preston’s composition feels like a shop front. Jonathan thinks Preston should add a layer of quirkiness to his design. The judges are torn about the other designers: all were very good. Eddie’s room, definitely doesn’t look like a Jonathan Adler showroom. Jonathan calls is rich and exotic. Jonathan says this space is a nice melding of Nathan’s chic streak and his subversive streak. Ondine definitely created a mood: her space was airy, casual and feminine. The challenge winner is Eddie, who actually pretends to be surprised and humbled. He’s won immunity, but tells us he doesn’t need it….but he doesn’t want to sound like an a-hole. Too late, buddy.

    Now it’s time for the elimination challenge and the designers are heading off on a field trip to LA Mart, a collection of designer accessories and furnishings that isn’t open to the public. Andrea realizes that her hubby is filming a movie right across the street and says it’s killing her to not be able to see him.

    A Giant, Sparkly, Elephant in the Room
    India welcomes the designers and tells them that, for this challenge, they will be working with giant, upscale chandeliers from Swarovzski. They will have to design a room around this one focal point. The room can be anything they want it to be. They will have 2 hours to paint, 2 hours to shop and then 7 hours tomorrow to work on the room. The budget will be $22,000, so the rooms should be spectacular. Because Eddie won the Pop Design Challenge, he gets to choose the order in which the others choose their chandeliers. His order is: himself, Andrea, Nathan, Ondine, Preston. Preston takes one look at his chandelier and knows it will be one of the most difficult to work with.

    Eddie decides to create a young, hip and cool dining room …that any granny would love (<---speculation). Nathan envisions a teenage girl’s bedroom in an Upper East Side penthouse. Andrea decides to branch out with color and paints her walls poop brown. Ondine’s chandelier, which resembles a bag of crystals (because that’s what it is) is so exotic that she decides on an eclectic bedroom with lavender walls. Andrea is going for a Hollywood glam and vintage feel. Preston is the first to finish painting and stops by Nathan’s space to offer his painting help. Nathan, who has taped off an elaborate design on the wall, based on his chandelier, refuses Preston’s help. A few minutes later, Eddie happens by and offers to help Nathan. Nathan practically throws him a paint brush. Preston then offers to help Andrea paint. She accepts.

    It’s elimination day and the designers all head off to go shopping at LA Mart. The place is huge and overwhelming and 2 hours is clearly not enough time. Nathan spends $2,200 on a big horse made out of driftwood, while Eddie whines about not being able to find a good dining room table. All of his problems are solved when he happens upon a showroom is Martha Stewart furnishings. He breezes into the showroom, bragging about his Martha connections and starts snapping up Martha furnishings. Talk about taking the easy way out. He then brags about flying in Saint Martha’s private plane. Eddie started out the challenge wanting to create a young, hip dining room and now he’ll be doing a very Martha dining room. You might say that it will look just like a Martha Stewart window.

    Soon enough, Todd Oldham arrives to dispense his sage design advice. Seriously, Bravo, give this man his own show! Todd checks in with Eddie and Eddie actually manages to bash Todd, telling us he doesn’t need anyone to tell him his room looks good. This makes me hate Eddie even more. Nobody messes with Todd! Eddie then surveys Preston’s room and fake compliments it. Then he throws a look of disgust at the camera. What a bitch.

    This week’s judges are Margaret Russell, Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan, Creative Director for Barneys and Jonathan Adler’s partner.


    Andrea thinks it’s perfect that Simon Doonan is a judge this week since he’s known for glamour. Simon asks Andrea if the challenge was difficult for her and she admits it was: she's still learning. Margaret thinks the room is very glam.


    Jonathan asks Ondine if this room is a reflection of her as a designer. She says it is. Margaret asks how many showrooms she pulled accessories from. Yeah, pretty much every single one. It shows.


    Simon asks Preston about his minimal use of the wallpaper. Preston explains that he felt the very graphic wallpaper would have been overwhelming if he had used it to cover all of the walls. This way, the eye will focus where he wants it to.


    India comments that she’s never seen a sofa drawn up to a dining room table before. Eddie acts like she said she’s never heard of Martha Stewart before. Simon admits he’s freakishly short and wants to see if this seating arrangement would work for him. India brings up the fact that Eddie has immunity and asks Eddie if he thinks this is a winning room. Eddie acts offended. Simon asks Eddie if he has any regrets about the room and Eddie says he doesn’t.


    Jonathan calls Nathan “bananas.” Margaret thinks the room is fun, but Simon asks Nathan if he took acid or crystal meth. India asks if Nathan thinks the chandelier is the centerpiece of the room and Nathan rambles on for a while. I guess his answer was yes. He says there are a lot of fun ideas in the room. India says the room is very Nathan.

    Unaccepted Criticism
    It’s time for judging and India welcomes them all and compliments them on creating wonderful rooms. The judges start with Eddie. Margaret asks Eddie to describe the chandelier for them and then notes that he spoke about it in a disparaging manner. He, of course, denies this. Jonathan comments that the chandelier is twinkling and expensive (he’s not kidding: I looked it up and that chandelier is over $40k), but it looked like a casket in the room Eddie designed. Margaret says the chandelier looked like a cheesy light fixture from the corner lighting store and accuses Eddie of phoning it in. Jonathan tells Eddie he’s lucky to have immunity this week.

    Jonathan says Nathan knows how to create a great mood in a room. It was bizarre and could have been a disaster, but Nathan managed to show that the rules don’t matter if you create a room with great feeling. Margaret says she liked the wall painting and Nathan tells the judges it was the most important thing in the room…..after the chandelier, right Nathan?

    Jonathan calls the furniture Ondine chose – and the bed in particular – frumpy. She disagrees. Margaret notes that Ondine has used the grass cloth before. Simon says tie chandelier looked like a shrill ball of light, while everything else in the room was tea-stained and muted.

    Margaret thinks Preston produced a quirky room. She loved the wallpaper and the orange chairs. Her only beef? He hung the both chandelier and the mirror on the adjacent wall at the same level, thus taking away some of the focus on the chandelier. Simon says the room was glam and fabulous and luxurious: he didn’t want to leave.

    Margaret comments that Andrea showed a stronger use of color this week. Andrea’s goal was to show Hollywood swank and Margaret thinks she achieved that goal. Unfortunately, Margaret also thinks the room fell apart in the details. Simon says he was excited when walking toward the room, but he hated the plastic shell filled with fake orchids Andrea placed on the coffee table. Margaret says Andrea had things in the right places, but didn’t use the right things. Andrea says she tried to step out and create something out of her comfort level. She wonders if she’s maxed out her talent and is feeling intimidated by the talent of the other designers. Margaret urges Andrea to snap out of it and work on her confidence. Andrea talks about having her kids early and then shocks everyone by saying she’d probably just like to go home.

    Falling on Your Own Sword
    The designers are all excused as the judges sit in near-stunned silence. India says Andrea’s wish to go home was a real surprise. She asks the others to discuss Andrea on the merits of her room only. Margaret says she was happy to see Andrea make an effort to branch out and do something she hadn’t done before. The chandelier was definitely the star in Andrea’s room. Jonathan can’t get over Andrea wanting to go home. He tells the other judges that, as soon as Andrea said she wanted to go home, he was thinking “bye!” He says she’s just being disrespectful. India argues that Andrea was simply showing raw emotion and wasn’t being disrespectful.

    The judges all agree that, if he hasn’t won immunity this week, Eddie would be going home. Jonathan calls Eddie’s room gruesome: it’s like a Martha Stewart mortuary. On the other hand, Jonathan says he’s been consistently impressed with Preston: he hasn’t made any missteps. Margaret agrees that there were interesting things going on in Preston’s room. He definitely can decorate, she says. Jonathan says Nathan’s room was fantastic and memorable. Margaret says it was over-the-top and fabulous. Jonathan likes that Nathan chose the items in the room because he liked them and the room came together. As for Ondine, Margaret says the room depressed her. There were nice little moments in the room but, overall, the design wasn’t cohesive and the chandelier wasn’t memorable in the room.

    The judges are ready to announce their decision. This week’s winner is Preston. Eddie and Nathan try to keep from swallowing their own tongues. Nathan, Eddie and their tongues are safe this week too. That leaves Ondine and Andrea in the bottom two.

    As the boys walk to the back room, Eddie tells us he’s over the judges: he thinks his room was beautiful, so he’s just going to take everything the judges say with a grain of salt. Yeah, you know they’re just jealous because Eddie gets to lick Martha’s rain boots clean and fetch her coffee.

    Andrea and Ondine face the judges. Jonathan scowls, presumably at Andrea. He tells them that the judges looked at what the challenge was about – showcasing the chandelier – and on that basis, Andrea was the more successful of the two. However, Andrea did tell the judges she wanted to go home. Jonathan then asks Andrea if she really does want to go home. She admits that she misses her family, but reasons that the show is only for a short period of time. Andrea tells the judges she thinks she could do great in the next challenge if she could only have a moment with her family. She admits she knows that’s probably not an option. India asks Andrea the question again: Does she want to go home. Andrea looks at Ondine and asks for help in making the decision. To her credit, Ondine doesn’t tell her to get the hell out. Finally, Andrea admits that she does want to go home.

    Andrea is eliminated. She tells the judges she has appreciated all of their input. Jonathan tells her she’s a great designer and he looks forward to seeing what she’s going to do in her career. Andrea’s excited to go home and see her family. She has no regrets and says Ondine is the right person to stay. The show has helped Andrea become a more confident designer, but she’s a mother first and her family comes first.

    Next week: We started with 13 and now we’re down to just 4. Everyone will be designing on speed according to the previews, which means the show may just turn into an episode of Intervention. They didn’t mean that literally? Damn. Ondine will try to fit a giant piece of furniture through a tiny doorway and megalomaniac Jeff from Flipping Out is back and he’s cranky….as opposed to his usual sweet self.
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    Re: Top Design 10/22 Recap: Blinded by the Light

    Yeah, you know they’re just jealous because Eddie gets to lick Martha’s rain boots clean and fetch her coffee.
    Great recap Crit!
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