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Thread: 10/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 10/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by jmb;3216514;
    I hated the room switch up. It was totally mean. They met with their clients, discussed how the room should look, purchased items for it, and THEN they were switched? That was nasty. It is amazing that any of them came up with something decent.
    I totally agree that Natalie should have gone and Wisit stayed. No, neither of them will win... but Natalie just has no style.
    My vote for top 4 are Nathan, Eddie, Ondine and Preston.
    I agree that the switch was totally jacked up I think that Wisit should have gone instead of the big guy because it was Wisit's fault that the window sucked and the big guy (can't remember his name. I think he called himself big daddy or something cheesy like that) took the fall for it. It wasn't fair. I think that Wisit should definitely gone this week. And I like Natalie's style a lot better than the others except Andrea. I like Andrea's style the best. Andrea and Natalie both have the same design style as myself, my mom and my sister. My Mom decorates more like Andrea and my sister and I are more of a mix between Andrea and Natalie. I don't care for anything much that the others have done. Especially Eddie. I agree with the judges that his style is like an old grandma.
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    Re: 10/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    I don't know. I think a truly creative person would rise to the challenge associated with the switch. And most did. The bottom two were the ones who's personal taste brought them down. It didn't have anything to do with the switch.

    Maybe they would have done better if they didn't have to switch, but still, the pillow coverings and wallhangings were optional items that hurt the girl and she chose those. Wisit simply ignored the client's direction and he chose to do that.

    Ondine and Andrea were in the middle and they both inherited the most difficult rooms/supplies I think. They managed to make it work.

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    Re: 10/8 Show Discussion Thread **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by CourtneyLove;3214601;
    I hate you Nathan, even if you're talented because you're mean and selfish.

    Easily the most unlikable contestants on a show... I have no one to root for ...

    Wait, I want Todd to win! Why doesn't Todd have his own show?

    I hate Nathan and Eddie because they are pulling the same crap that blond kid on Design Star did -- saying nice things with sarcastic intent to people's faces and then immediately turning around and trashing them behind their backs. Eddie is worse, but Nathan does it too, as well as being thoroughly unpleasant, arrogant, and impossible to work with on a team.

    It is one thing to trash people behind their backs to let off steam, which we see in every reality show, but to do the "nice to their face sarcasm" thing completely crosses the line. Is this some new thing that is acceptable in the gay community that I don't know about? It is not acceptable in normal social or work situations, that is for sure. You would think, given how full of themselves those two are, that they would have some level of self-awareness and try to act professional even if it goes against every grain in their little minds, just to win the competition. In the end it is a TV show, and what judge is going to hand the prize to someone who is unlikeable and cannot work well with others no matter how "talented" they might be (which in itself is debatable. They may just be the least untalented of a really blah bunch. I agree with you, Todd is the only bright spot this season.)

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