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Thread: Preston - Top Design 2

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    Re: Preston - Top Design 2

    Preston should have one - but he was never a "favorite" of the judges and Nathan was. IMO he was hands down the best of the bunch. I would definitely have him design my home (if I had the money, of course).

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    Re: Preston - Top Design 2

    I think that Preston should have won. I actually think that Ondine did the best in the house challenge (I kept telling my mom that I could move into that place and not change a thing!) and Preston's house was great as well. Nathan's house was hideous. While Nathan will have an accessory or 2 that I like (the skull in the bedroom was kind of cool and I loved the horse in that other weird room) his designs consistantly aren't cohesive. It looks like he just found a bunch of accessories that he liked (always clutters his rooms up with WAY too many accessories) and threw them together with weird paint designs that make no sense. I really never understood why he was the judges' (actually mainly Jonathan's) favorite. I loved Ondine's house the best but she was not consistently the best and missed the mark quite a few times. Preston is very consistent and his work always is cohesive and makes sense and, like a previous poster said, his designs are always very thoughtful.
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