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Thread: Ondine - Top Design 2

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    Ondine - Top Design 2

    Mountainside, N.J.

    Ondine has been a successful set decorator working on major motion pictures and television shows in New York City for most of her professional life, including on the hit television seriesSex and the City, where she served on a small team that continually pushed the limits of high-end, interior design. When the series ended in 2004, she opened her own boutique design studio in SoHo. Four years later, Ondine Karady Design has already developed an impressive client list that includes major celebrities, Hollywood directors and Washington opinion makers. In addition, she has also developed a robust catalogue of custom-made furniture, wallpaper and ceramics. It is Ondine's dream to build her business into a design powerhouse specializing in glamorous homes, hotels and restaurants, with product lines in major retail stores. An avid world traveler, she ultimately intends to design and manufacture furniture with artisans from villages around the world while supporting developing regions in the process. Ondine has a gift for transforming even the most sterile spaces into elegant, comfortable, and livable, works of art. She began her career in set decorating after graduating from Barnard College of Columbia University. Among other major projects, her credits include the films Requiem for a Dream and 25th Hour. Ondine splits her time between New York City, Montauk, N.Y. and Washington, D.C., where her husband Jim Rutenberg is a political correspondent for the New York Times. She lives with her black cat named Norman and a Blue Chow named Little Bear.

    Top Design: Bios - Season 2 - Official Bravo TV Site
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    Re: Ondine - Top Design 2

    She is my early favorite. Her set design background served her well in this first challenge. No one else thought to use accessories as she did. A bunch of old books was genius and probably cost a few dollars.

    She has an impressive resume and I like everything about her, so far. Sense of humor (monkies), even temperment and her personal sense of style are appealing.

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    Re: Ondine - Top Design 2

    I loved her winning store window for Sweet Pea... didn't love her room designed around that jellyfish chandelier though... On the whole she seems like a really nice person (and the only female left in the competition), who has a fairly good design sense. At this point, I don't see her winning, or making the final 2. Her design sense does not seem to be modern enough for the judges....

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    She wore the top last night that is in this photo. I love it!

    I also like her home. It is similar to mine; has the same feel. That suprised me as we have not seen this part of her in the challenges.

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    Re: Ondine - Top Design 2

    For someone who has made it this far in the competition, she has very few posts.

    Although her designs rarely appeal to my taste, I am glad that she is there instead of those who have gone home before her. I much prefer her over arrogant Eddie & his Martha-isms.
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