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Thread: 2/7 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    This show is extreeeemely boring. I don't feel like there is any point in watching because the judging is very subjective. Well, it's subjective for Project Runway and Top Chef (both of which I LOVE), but usually there are a few who stand out to be better than others. But this show, design is such a personal thing and I feel like the fate of the contestants are completely in the hands of the judges. Like someone said, the girl who got the pink room with black curtain LOVED her room and the designer didn't get too much compliment. I think that's BS.

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    I liked the color of Michael's wall. Deep aqua.

    Has that lady judge been to a nursing home lately?
    They should be so lucky.

    He used a Rachel Ashwell spread and ALL the pillows, including the villified "Home Sweet Home" Granny pillow were indeed made by the lionized Shabby Chic doyenne in her line for Target. I have her sheets and they are terrific!

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasgal26;2233506;
    This show is a perfect example of why I get so annoyed when people complain about the "drama" of Top Chef and Project Runway. Yes it is nice to see talent, but talent alone does not make you tune in for an hour. This show is snoresville. I may have been upset about the outcome of Top Chef, but at least I wasn't bored with it.
    A little drama is good, but my problem is when the drama overshadows the concept. I really would have liked to see more cooking and less "lets bully and harass Marcel" in Top Chef. If I wanted to see that type of thing, I would have tuned into Flavor of Love or Maury. There is a balance that should be met. This show is on the other end of the spectrum and needs a little spice.

    I just wonder how you can make this series drag on. All it is is just designing a room--no variety at all. I don't see how you can make challenges unique for this without being redundant. That is one reason you need more personality on a show like this. That is what makes those shows like Trading Spaces as popular as they are. You took that out and they would be as dull as this (though I still am not someone who can watch even those shows over and over).
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    Quote Originally Posted by runway victim's article
    Now, back to "See ya Later, Decorator." Once you accept the majesty of the See ya later, blank-blank-ator lifestyle, you'll find squillions of opportunities to use it. “See ya later, attitudinal waiter”. For your Valentine, there’s always “See Ya later, sweet potater” or it could go a bit blue with “See ya later, stimulator”. If I run into my pal Lady Bunny I can always say “See ya later, female impersonator.” “See ya later, Christian Slater” would work if you should happen to encounter the oft-arrested celeb. The possibilities are endless. Lately I’ve been using one particular iteration more and more -- for some reason I keep finding myself saying “See ya later, catchphrase hater”.
    That is the first indication that Jonathan Adler has a sense of humor.

    Runwayvictim.... thanks for understanding what I meant despite my apparent distracted typo.
    Never let the things you want make you forget about the things you have.

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    I agree that Michael should have gone. His room was so boring. If John would have finished his floor, I think Micheal would have been sent home. None of the rooms were great, except the pirate , jungle, & cat room. Many of them did not look like kid's rooms at all. I liked the cat room and see no problem with designing a room around a cat if that is what the client wants. This show is not pulling me in and making me want to watch it. I looked forward to Project Runway and Top Chef each week, but usually forget Top Design is on. I will tape the show from now on and hope it gets better.

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