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Thread: Todd Oldham the Next Tim Gunn?

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    NOOO! Todd Oldham is the WORST...Todd, y u so ~boring~

    TVGuide.com: Hi, Todd! What are you seeing at Sundance?...I'm jealous. So, how did you get involved with Top Design?

    Wow, smooth transition. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by busilis32;2256891;
    At least he is better than Coliccio in Top Chef
    No offense- but I am waaaay on the other side of the opinion fence on this one...I love Tom!!

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    I like Tom too, very much. Todd needs to be replaced.

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    Re: Todd Oldham the Next Tim Gunn?

    Todd needs to provide more direction to the competitors - his suggestions to Matt in the latest episode were very helpful.
    Maybe Todd could study with Tim Gunn?

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    Re: Todd Oldham the Next Tim Gunn?

    I would rank Todd after Tim Gunn, but higher than Chef Tom Coliccio

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    Re: Todd Oldham the Next Tim Gunn?

    Quote Originally Posted by rt1ky;2321436;
    I would rank Todd after Tim Gunn, but higher than Chef Tom Coliccio
    I prefer Tom over Todd (of course Tim Gunn is #1). I believe as a judge Tom is not allowed to really give any advice as it could really be construed as helping a favorite. Todd doesn't have this problem so should step up more and be more like Tim.

    Wow, that's a lot of alliteration! Weird that they all have names that begin with 'T'.

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    Re: Todd Oldham the Next Tim Gunn?

    I've been curious from the beginning as to why Todd has been allowed to provide such concrete advice to the designers. Neither Tim Gunn nor Tom Colicchio is permitted to do more than ask pointed questions and drop subtle hints, leaving the competitors to resolve their own problems. Think Tom's inability to tell Harold about the ice cream machine on TC1 and Tim's restriction from saying anything specific to Kayne about the black boning on PR3. Both have said in their blogs that they are restricted by the producers in terms of advising the contestants.

    Of course, TD is not a Magical Elves production even though it's modeled on PR and TC, so maybe the rules are different. I actually think Todd tells the designers too much. For instance, when advising Matt about the chaise, he should simply have asked about the availability of the extra fabric and let the light go off in Matt's head from there.
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    Re: Todd Oldham the Next Tim Gunn?

    I was also surprised when Todd was so specific in his advice to Matt. I actually thought that sort of crossed the line. Tim has always stressed that he can't tell the designers what to do, but can only suggest, guide, point out problems (e.g., this doesn't work for me or I'm concerned about ...). Todd really told Matt exactly what to do to fix the problem--of course, it was up to Matt to follow-up, but it seemed a little too much, IMO.

    The designers who have been later'd have had good things to say about Todd, so I think he has been more interactive and helpful than he appeared on the show.

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