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Thread: Michael

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dogbat;2281491;
    I am betting he will go next week. He is irritating and immature. The way his mouth tilts up in a clownlike smile is alarming and made for a horror movie villian.
    You're right. He has a smile like The Joker.

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    I just rewatched the "Bacardi Limon" party episode today.

    Matt, Michael and Carisa were teamed up together. They won. They bitched at each other the whole way.

    Actually, Matt and Michael both bitched about Carisa, Carisa bitched about Michael... (I'm guessing Matt is getting "the favorite" edit.)

    What I'm trying to sort out is whether I've watched too much reality tv to be able to filter through the editing to get to the real reality or if I'm overthinking myself.

    Micheal has to me, the casual viewer, been an absolute PILL this entire series. Soooooooo precious, aren't we, sweetie?

    Carisa, on the other hand, reminds me of people that I know...very funny if not terribly efficient...

    In this episode, Carisa jumps in with an idea...Micheal doesn't like it and says so as if that's the end of the discussion about Carisa's plans, before presenting his own idea--and when Carisa doesn't like what Michael offers, Michael goes into an oddly un-self-aware dissertation about how Carisa should be more positive, should allow other people to express their ideas and how Carisa should be more professional.

    I'm watching and I'm as shocked as Carisa about this weird Bizarro-world event--but Matt, who was shown earlier laughing at Michael's "gagging" gesture towards one of Carisa's color choices, seems to side with Michael throughout this episode.

    Michael comes across throughout this show as a sheltered little boy who doesn't play well with others...and has no idea how he comes across or how out of whack his aesthetic is compared to what people actually like...

    ...or am I the victim of editing...and Carisa's the monster and Micheal is simply misunderstood???

    pg--worries that there might not be any air in Michael's "bubble of splendor"--seattle

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    If Michael's "bubble of splendor" includes his ode to the room belonging to Norman Bates' mother (or more commonly-known as "the grandma room"), I'd ask him not to pop it.

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