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Thread: Todd Oldham - Host

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    Todd Oldham - Host

    Known as one of the most beloved designers working today, Todd Oldham joins “Top Design” as host, delivering challenges and inspiring and leading the designers to be their most creative and original in their pursuit of creating the “Top Design.”

    Originally a New York fashion designer, and the host of “Todd Time” on MTV's “House of Style,” Todd's career has evolved to include all areas of design, from interior design, film and photography, to furniture and graphic art. Todd is the author of Hand Made Modern by Regan Books, and has hosted HGTV's “Hand Made Modern” series of specials.

    Todd designed his own line of dorm room furnishings for Target and currently designs a line of furniture and accessories, Todd Oldham By La-Z-Boy. Todd also designed The Hotel in South Beach, as well as The Fairfax Hotel, South Beach, to open in 2007.

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    Rumor has it that Todd is going to be dropped from La-Z-Boy. The line he has created has just not sold as well as expected.

    My sister works for La-Z-Boy hq and although she has not met Todd, she has met his boyfriend and says he is hilarious!

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    He's also aligned with Target and Ftd. He knows how to market, and I totally respect that.

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    His Lazyboy furniture is not comfortable, very narrow and way too high. You don't sink into a couch, you sit on it and if you are 5'4" you have to wear heels for your feet to comfortably hit the floor.

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    I was actually surprised how annoying I thought Todd Oldham was. Maybe he'll grow on me through the season, or maybe I'm used to the suave of Tim Gunn, but Todd just didn't seem to have the presence I expected. He also looks a little bit like Marilyn Manson, which I don't know how I feel about that right now.
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    From the show last night, I think Todd Oldham should have his own kid's show. I expected him to be more of a Tim Gunn, but just the way he said his lines kind of overly enthusiastic, he could have a place on one of the shows on Noggin.

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    I really liked Todd Oldham, till I watched the show. Ugh, he speaks so self conciously in front of the camera. I'm sure he's wonderful in person, but he needs a coach right now. He's stiff and wooden on tape.
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    I too was "underwhelmed" (to quote Michael Kors- with characteristic eye roll) with Todd's performance in the premier.
    But I think comparing him to Tim Gunn (especially season 3 Tim Gunn) is unfair.
    True he is no TIM GUNN, but it's comparing apples & Oranges. Todd obviously has a different approach to hosting this show. And Tim did improve as PR progressed and he became more comfortable with the cameras & crew. I know Todd has a ton of onscreen experience (House of Style & Handmade Modern to name a few) but maybe this is just his personality. Tim was a teacher at Parsons and was comfortable giving advice to students. Maybe Todd doesn't feel comfortable telling other designers how to do a project.
    I'm going to give Todd a chance and see if his performance improves.
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    I wasn't impressed with the show so far but I'll give it a couple of more chances.

    As far as Todd, if you go back and watch PR1, Heidi was very stiff on camera as well. I think it's just a matter of getting used to being in that environment and setting.

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    Holy boring and unexciting host Batman!

    Sorry to all of those who like him, but in our house, he's been voted the worse host, in the history of reality hosting. Yes, worse than Mrs. Joel.

    Bland and blah. You're Fired!
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