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Thread: 8/28 Top Chef Masters 5 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    8/28 Top Chef Masters 5 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    "Mindy Kaling and Yo Gabba Gabba" - it's all about romantic comedies and kid-friendly meals. Hopefuly no kids or animals will be harmed in the making of these dishes.

    Enjoy the show!
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    Re: 8/28 Top Chef Masters 5 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I didn't understand why more chefs didn't hide the veggies. When my son was younger, I always hid most of them (still do, in some cases). I get the whole "kids need to be eating veggies" and healthy aspect, but sometimes, just the names are enough to stop kids from trying.

    And how in heaven's name did the one chef make a dish with cantaloupe taste sour? That should have been one of the easier foods (of course, my son's been eating it forever...when he had a cold and couldn't drink milk, I gave him cantaloupe so that he got enough calcium). But I would have made something like a slushy or granita with it.

    And it was interesting that they sent two chefs home, but then brought them into the sous chef contest for a head-to-head contest. It will be interesting to see who wins! (They didn't show that part...we find out next week.)

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    Re: 8/28 Top Chef Masters 5 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I would have chosen to work with either cottage cheese, cauliflower, or eggplant. Cottage cheese could be easily hidden in lasagne. A lot of people who don't like cauliflower like cauliflower puree - and you can make a delicious pizza crust from cauliflower. With the eggplant, I'd do an eggplant lasagne. My DIL makes a killer one. My husband hates eggplant. He ate my DIL's eggplant lasagne several times (and loved it) without realizing there weren't any noodles in there.

    I was glad Brian stayed. I think, out of the three, he's done a better job overall. But I thought the judges would get rid of him just to keep one woman around. Glad the judges didn't go the PC route.

    It was odd they way they got rid of two only to immediately tell them that one's coming back. Instead of saying there was going to be a double elimination, why not just say that the bottom 2 chefs will face off in the next sous chef competition to see who goes home? I suppose they were trying to create some extra drama, but it just seemed stupid.

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    Re: 8/28 Top Chef Masters 5 - Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Well the judges seem to be more in personality then cooking in keeping the judges. That is the way it has been. BTW, never thought eggplant looks good and never will taste it LOL!
    Thanksgiving 2017!

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