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Thread: All-Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: All-Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;4192756;
    I still think Richard is great too. I need the final 3 to be Richard, Carla, and the third person doesn't matter so much at this point.
    I agree. Antonia would be a good third, as far as I am concerned. Tom said, at some point, somewhere, that we would be surprised with someone in the final 3. I immediately thought Fabio. Who is left that would be a surprise? Mike Isabella is suppose.

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    Re: All-Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    As much as I like Fabio, from what was said by the judges I can see why he left. Tiffany did a chicken and dumplings that was not traditional and didn't have enough dumplings but tasted good from what the judges had to say. Fabio did a burger that wasn't a traditional burger that tasted dry- and had the bad cheese sauce to boot. So if we were to go by what was said, we're talking about a tasty dish that's not exactly true to the chicken and dumpling format vs. a burger that was more of a dry meatloaf that was not enjoyable to eat. The judges said that Dale's food was good if he had toned down the salt, they said that Tiffany's tasted good but was not traditional. Fabio was pretty much the only one that they considered to have committed a combination of those sins-not creating a traditional burger and what he did create was not tasty. By those standards I can see why they sent him home.

    As for the images-yes, I believe that they did mention that these were Jimmy's favorite foods. They also made sure to mention 3 ingredients that Jimmy hated so that the chefs knew to not include them in their dishes. I can only remember mushrooms and mayonaise, but there was a third thing that the chefs were advised that Jimmy hated.
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