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Thread: Angelo - All-Stars

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    Angelo - All-Stars

    Angelo Sosa, Season 7
    Hometown: Durham, CT
    Resides: New York, NY
    Angelo, who owns Sosa Consulting Group, has worked with some of the best chefs and restaurateurs in the world. Early in his career, he met Jean-Georges Vongerichten who became his mentor, and went on to work for him at Jean Georges, Dune, and Spice Market, where he served as Executive Sous Chef. Shortly thereafter, he was invited by Alain Ducasse to create a special seasonal menu at his Paris restaurant Spoon Food & Wine, the first American to receive such an honor. Angelo, who also consults on the menu for Buddakan, the Stephen Starr hotspot restaurant in NYC, always has salt, Japanese fish sauce, cinnamon, green cardamom, and lily bulbs handy in the kitchen.
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    Re: Angelo - All-Stars

    he gets a second chance to win the prize after being sick during the final part of last season - even though I was happy with last season's winner.
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    Re: Angelo - All-Stars

    Yeah, I tend to have lily bulbs handy as well.

    His season was the only one I've seen so most of the others are new to me. I liked his cooking so this should be fun.
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    Re: Angelo - All-Stars

    I like Angelo. He was cocky at times last season, but I believe he has the skills to back it up and he was definitely the target of a lot of the other's barbs and still came through just barely missing the win. When did they film this season? Would the other contestants know Angelo's style at all, or are he and Tiffany largely unknown to the rest of the cheftestants?
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