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Thread: Marcel - All-Stars

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    Marcel - All-Stars

    Marcel Vigneron, Season 2
    Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
    Marcel considers himself to be first and foremost a “cook.” He previously worked as a Sous Chef at The Bazaar by Jose Andres, as a Master Cook at Joel Robuchon, and as a line cook for Michael Mina at Aqua before becoming an Executive Chef of his own kitchen in Los Angeles. He also has his own TV series titled “Marcel’s Quantum Kitchen” which is slated to premiere on Syfy in 2011. Marcel is a curious cook who has an affinity for culinary knowledge, who uses a knife as an extension of his hand, the kitchen as an arena, the earth as a grocery store, the tasting menu as his bio, and the plate as a porcelain canvas in which to display his art.
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    Re: Marcel - All-Stars

    I loved Marcel, even though his fellow contestants weren't all fans. Outstanding that he has a cooking show that is going to air on SyFy (the network formerly called SciFi which is mostly known for Sharktopus! or Fly-zilla type movies). Too funny.
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    Re: Marcel - All-Stars

    I love, as well. The hostility displayed by his fellow contestants shocked me as they were truly vicious.
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