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Thread: Top Chef: All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    Looking forward to the All-Stars. I wonder if the format will be like regular TC or more like Top Chef Masters where if you don't win your episode you're out. I figure most of these folks have more demanding careers now and can't leave a job for 6 weeks so I'm guessing it will be like Top Chef Masters.

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    Re: Top Chef Season 8 (All-Stars?) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;4067481;
    Here is the full official roster for Top Chef: All Stars, which will premiere Dec. 1:

    - Stephen Asprinio; Season one, top five
    - Tiffani Faison; Season one finalist
    - Marcel Vigneron; Season two finalist
    - Elia Aboumrad; Season two, final four
    - Casey Thompson; Season three finalist and fan favorite (also fan pariah for "helping" Carla in S5's finale)
    - Dale Levitski; Season three finalist
    - Tre Wilcox; Season three, top eight
    - Richard Blais; Season four finalist
    - Antonia Lofaso; Season four, final four
    - Dale Talde; Season four, top six
    - Spike Mendelsohn; Season four, top five
    - Carla Hall; Season five finalist
    - Fabio Viviani; Season five final four and fan favorite
    - Jamie Lauren; Season five, top seven
    - Jennifer Carroll; Season six, final four
    - Mike Isabella; Season six, top seven
    - Tiffany Derry; Season seven, top five
    - Angelo Sosa; Season seven finalist

    Anthony Bourdain (yay!) and Gail Simmons will alternate as the third full-time judge along with Tom and Padma.

    This looks interesting. Glad to see some of them back again, mostly Carla and Fabio. Glad also to see Angelo and Tiffany back for another try. I felt like Angelo's illness really hampered his performance during the finale, and I really think he will up his game when competing with previous contestants. Love Tiffany. Hope she wins even more $$ and trips. Glad to see Tre back again too, and I didn't mind Blais in his season. Can't keep the Dale's straight in my head. Will have to see pictures to remember who they are. And Spike? Ugh.

    Ooh, just looked up the Dales. I liked Dale Talde! Hope he does better this time around.

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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    I'm super excited with this list of people. This should be a great competition and there are a lot of my favorites in there. I do have to say, I think I'm most excited about the fact that Anthony Bourdain is going to be a somewhat regular on the show. Woo Hoo!

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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    I don't like the gender imbalance, but overall it's a good cast. A few WTF choices in Jamie and Mike Isabella, but it wouldn't be an All-Star cast without those few confusing choices.

    My favorites Casey and Carla--yes, I still like Casey after the S5 finale. I also like Fabio, Tiffany, and Jennifer and will root for any of them if Casey and Carla falter early.
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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    I'm so glad to see Carla back for a second chance!! I liked both Dales very much, and am glad to see them, and Spike is kind of funny in a very pompous way. I actually liked Mike Isabella and really liked Jennifer.

    I'm kind of annoyed that Casey is there. When has she ever really shown that she's a good chef? I remember being a little bewildered as to how she made it so far on her season.

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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    Carla is my all time favorite! I am so glad she is back. I like Tiffany, as well.

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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    There isn't a single contestant listed here that I dislike. Should be fun, sad, and exciting all at the same time.

    I'm putting early money on Tiffani Faison, Richard Blais, and Angelos Sosa to be F3. It's anyone's game at this point, but I think I may give the nod to Tiffani....maybe Angelo. Tom seems to go out of his way to tell people that she would have won Season 1 had she not made as many dishes as she did. He was/is a real big fan of her food.

    His favorite chefs seem to be (not that I know for sure one way or another, of course) Kevin from S6 and possibly Tiffani or Harold from S1.

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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    This looks like a great cast and I'm looking forward to December 1st.

    My favorites are Jennifer, Fabio and Angelo although I like pretty many chefs on the list.

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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    I'm rooting for both Carla and Fabio.

    I love Carla's approach to cooking, and I've been to an event catered by her company. Fabulous!

    Fabio's training began at age 6. Something in me totally salutes that!
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    Re: Top Chef : All Stars (premieres Dec. 1) - News & Speculation (**Spoilers**)

    I think my favorites are Richard, Carla, Dale L. and Angelo. All of them stood out to me in their respective seasons for various reasons, and if one of them won I'd be pretty happy. Though, there aren't really many in that roster that I've seen that I wouldn't think deserve to do well (I didn't start watching until season 3, though, so I don't know the 1 and 2 cheftestants.

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