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Thread: Top Chef 7 - 6/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: Top Chef 7 - 6/23 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    We were really shocked by the free-for-all, throw-everyone-under-the-bus, Jerry-Springer-like eruptions at the judging. Were they told off screen to do that, or did they all just pipe up spontaneously? That is the first time we've seen that in any season of this show, and it brought them down to the level of the trashy losers on Hell's Kitchen. Btw, I was just reading in a Japanese book that they do not believe smokers even have the right to be a chef, which is what I've said all along about how they ruin their tastebuds and sense of smell. So why do they keep picking contestants who spend all their free time out in back of their holding pens smoking and kvetching? I expect a higher standard for Top Chef, but now they seem near the same level as Hell's Kitchen.

    Previous season's contestants seemed to generally have a better ability to keep their yaps shut, not backtalk the judges, and treat their colleague with respect. Just compare their low-class behavior with the classier Top Chef Masters, who realized they were competing with colleagues, whom they would treat with respect; for instance, they would never sabotage each other by refusing to lend a piece of equipment or a helping hand when they could. The guy on this episode who said "No, I only have three of those so I can't lend you one" (!) - incredible. If they are so threatened by that cocky chef, they should take a cue for TCM and realize that if he is really so much better than they are, he will win over them eventually, so they should have a fair fight and accept defeat with dignity.

    Speaking of lack of dignity, we thought the sewn-together apron challenge was hokey and more like a Survivor stunt than something focusing on cooking. (We feel the Survivor challenges have been like something a frat boy would come up with, a la Big Brother, for a long time.) I'm sure they could come up with rationalizations to justify tying the chefs together that way, but it feels like this episode really went off the rails. I wonder if the extra tackiness will be permanent.
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