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Thread: Rocco DiSpirito

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    Rocco DiSpirito

    I thought he was so hot when I saw him on last season's Top Chef. For those of you who don't remember, he was Hung's sous chef. I've been doing some work with Bertolli and they are teaming up with Rocco. Rocco's got these really neat video clips at this site. In the clips he teaches you how to make some really quick and yummy Mediterranean meals. He even shares some of his family recipes and pictures. Which I thought was really cute. For those of you who aren't cooks, Rocco shows you how to make a really easy dinner with Bertolli Mediterranean Style Frozen Dinner. I'm not much of a cook. Everytime I try, something gets burned.

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    Re: Rocco DiSpirito

    He looks better/fitter now than in his Restaurant days.
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    Re: Rocco DiSpirito

    Hmmmmm. Do you suppose he "went under the knife?" There's something about him that just doesn't look the same.

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    Re: Rocco DiSpirito

    Rocco is one desirable man.....He looks the way he looks and can cook. He's been in the tabloids lately for spending time with Eddie Murphy's most recent ex:

    Tracey Edmonds and Rocco DiSpirito make their relationship public

    Tracey Edmonds has bounced back from her non-binding New Year's nuptials to Eddie Murphy and has hooked up with celebrity chef Rocco Dispirito. The pair made their new relationship public when they showed up at the Mercedes-Benz Oscars viewing party at the Four Seasons in Beverly Hills Sunday night, but there's nothing that says "official" like a Thursday night date at photog-friendly Koi, above.

    The couple have actually known each other since Tracey, 41, divorced Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds in 2005. In November 2005, the 41-year-old culinary star of The Restaurant was seen getting friendly with the mother of two (read: They were photographed with Rocco's arm nestled in Tracey's hair).

    Speaking of kids, her two young sons probably don't appreciate their looker of a mom spiriting them off to Bora Bora for her unofficial second marriage and then, not five weeks later, leaving them at home while she goes out on the town with a publicity-loving chef. I'm just saying, Trace.

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    Re: Rocco DiSpirito

    So Rocco is the rebound guy? I actually feel a little bad for him.

    Rocco DiSpirito was not high on my list after the whole "Restaurant" disaster but he is warming up to me again. I have no doubt that he's at least lost a few pounds and maaaybe had a little work done but I doubt it. He carried a lot of weight around his face and was more of a bulky (not fat) guy during "The Restaurant."

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    Re: Rocco DiSpirito

    I think his nose looks more narrow. Rocco seemed nice enough on Top Chef, but I still think he's a tool from The Restaurant.
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    Re: Rocco DiSpirito

    Quote Originally Posted by LG.;2829526;
    Rocco seemed nice enough on Top Chef, but I still think he's a tool from The Restaurant.

    I agree.

    I couldn't catch Rocco on Top Chef last season.

    But I DID see him on "The Restaurant", so . . .

    Unlesss he pretty much walks on water and raises the dead on Top Chef, as far as I'm concerned, I really am NOT impressed with this guy, and most likely never will be.

    I COULD always CHANGE my opinion, but I don't think I'll bet on that.

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    Re: Rocco DiSpirito

    Quote Originally Posted by MFWalkoff;2663487;
    He looks better/fitter now than in his Restaurant days.
    Rocco has been participating in TriAthelons which is why he appears thinner and more fit than his "Restaurant" days. Both he and Lee Anne appeared in the January 28, 2008 issue of People magazine in the weight loss section.

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