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Thread: 10/18 Premiere Show Discussion Thread***Spoilers***

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    How is Padma Lakshmi?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mayukhers112;2109175;
    How is Padma Lakshmi?
    Much better than Joelbot. She is expressive in both her voice and facial expressions. She has a personality. I was so prepared to grit my teeth everytime she spoke, as I did for Joelbot, but I never had to.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rt1ky;2108216;
    Marcel is wolverine.
    No kidding. His hair distracted me every time he was on the screen. I kept trying to figure out how he got it to look like that.

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata;2108935;
    Well, I thought by all the chefs and judges comments that Mia was going to win and then they pulled the Ilan out of a hat.
    At the end of the elimination challenge, three of the top four were women, and yet the young guy won.* After seeing that, I suspected that although three of the bottom four were men, the gal would go home, and unfortunately, that is exactly what happened. That was really bad.

    *And that other young guy won the immunity challenge and is the "youngest executive chef in NY" -- I doubt they'd ever give that opportunity to a woman! Maybe as the series progresses they will surprise us by not mirroring the sexism in the industry, or maybe that is just wishful thinking. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    Quote Originally Posted by psycobabe007;2108188;
    Is it me or did Harold get a little chunk in the face? hahahaha

    He is really gobbling all that food down, lol!!

    Still adorable as always!

    Aw...yea, he is a little bigger than when he was on the show.
    I suspect it is due to the fact he is not working long hours as a chef anymore.
    I cannot imagine how many calories are burned working in a kitchen.

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    First, Yeah I saw how pissed off Mia looked too, which is a bummer cause I really wanted to like her.

    Second, "PG13" makes some good points that I've been thinking about. Its so much harder with TC to know what's really happening.
    Are people out to get Marcel already or could he just not handle the fact that he made a bad dish?
    Then on Marisa's blog she says that she threw everything away after she cut herself. They made it look like she went back to work. Why?
    On a final note, I don't think it was Suyai's food that sent her home or the fact that she's a girl but the fact that she lacked confidence. Too bad.

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    Hmm...this show is fantastic, especially after the host replacement. This really is the closest thing to actually working in a restaurant kitchen. Things like Hell's Kitchen might be similar in some instances, but I have never dealt with someone as obnoxious as Gordon Ramsay (in the kitchen). Most head chefs want to see you succeed and put out good food, and they'll help you get there. This season, I hope that Ilan, Betty, and Marcel go far. They definitely stand out now, and I think they have drive and talent. i'd like to work with Ilan and Betty; Marcel...well, he'll take a little more time to decide on.

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    I think Harold is a little chunk in the munk too... the way he scarfed that food down in his judging... wow!

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