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Thread: Suyai Steinhauer - Season 2

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    Suyai Steinhauer - Season 2

    Age: 29
    Hometown: Oxford, England; Currently resides in New York City, NY
    Profession: Chef and Owner of New York Fork Meal Delivery Service
    Education: The Natural Gourmet Cooking School
    Signature Dish: Red snapper steamed en papillote with slow cooked tomatoes and zucchini ribbons

    This beautiful English chef is all about natural cooking. At 19 years old, Suyai got involved in the macrobiotic movement in London which lead her to the Natural Gourmet Cooking School in New York City, a vegan and health conscious culinary school. After deciding she didn't want to work in a restaurant for the rest of her life, Sujai opened her own catering company, New York Fork, and is now catering to jet-setting New Yorkers.

    Suyai feels that good food should taste great and make you feel even better, and describes herself as zany and quirky just like her food. Some people say that a professional swimmer was born in a pool, or a boxer was born in the ring, well, Suyai was born in the kitchen.

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    I hope she can present a better face to healthy cooking than Andrea did. The red snapper en papillote sounds way better than Andrea's rabbit food.
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    i hope she does well. It's always good to look for new ways to eat healthy.

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    Judging from the Day Six video, Suyai seems like a really nice person (like Andrea). I hope she lasts awhile. I don't expect any mention of BM's.
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    She had an interesting story too bad she took herself out of the competition.
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    Sorry Suyai!

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    I was hoping she would stick around, but alas, not so much. She's really cute, though, and I love her accent. Not so much related to the food, but what else can you say? Her Quickfire idea didn't sound bad at all, but fell short in seasoning and execution.

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    sorry to see you go but you really do need to stand behind your food... if you feel it isn't good, who is going to want to eat it? Best to you...

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