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Thread: Ilan Hall - Season 2

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    Ilan Hall - Season 2

    Age: 24
    Hometown: Great Neck, New York; Currently resides in New York City, New York
    Profession: Line Cook
    Education: Lorenzo de Medici Apicus Program and Culinary Institute of America

    Ilan has been cooking professionally for only three years, but he says three years of experience in New York is like 20 years anywhere else. He is incredibly talkative and gets yelled at by his current chef because he never shuts up in the kitchen. His expertise is Spanish cuisine and he feels that this will give him a competitive edge because it's one of the more difficult fares to master.

    Ilan is also an expert debater, and if he feels that he is right about something, he will prove his point until the opposition backs down. His obstinate nature and lack of accord will be sure to get him in trouble with the other chefs in the kitchen. As one of the youngest contestants, Ilan has a youthful spirit and enjoys having fun. One of the things he enjoys the most is imitating people around him.

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    He is adorable, but sounds annoying as hell. This guy will be total drama if he lasts.
    "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier." The Killers.

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    not nessicarily my top choice but he sounds like he might make it far in the competition.

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    He's my pick for the win (thus far). As a chef, I'm speaking from a strictly professional view. But as a female speaking, I think he's adorable. Anyway, he's the type of guy you'd want to work with, and then hang out with afterwards. Restaurant kitchens need more guys like him to lighten the mood.

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    I've asked this question on other msg bds. Why is Ilan's dish different in real life(on the show) as compared to how it's written on the Bravo website and on Lee Anne's replication video (Wong Way To Cook). His dish has garnish on the tv show & no garnish on the Top Chef website recipe or on Lee Anne's "replication". I printed out both recipes on the Bravo TC website & LeeAnne's video and the recipes are the same word for word. Lee Anne followed those recipes to the letter. But forget about the garnish. The big difference is the use of the cocktail peanuts. In the tv show version, the peanuts are chopped and included with the garnish. In the recipes (Bravo TC website and Lee Anne's video) the peanuts are chopped and cooked with the shallots, escarots, articchokes, and garlic which is added to mashed potato to stuff the escarot shells. The last step is to pour the cheese/milk/butter/garlic sauce over the baked stuffed escarot shells. Where's the chopped peanuts on top of the sauce? Not mentioned in the recipe.

    During the competition Ilan stated that he didn't know what he was doing and that he had never worked with escarot. Did he get lucky or was he being modest? So since what he actually cooked and what he submitted as a recipe are different, did he just make up a recipe off the top of his head to give to Bravo and to Lee Anne? I realize that in this type of competition chefs often have to improvise and they don't always take notes(even mental ones). But since Lee Anne is doing a replication video of the winning dish, it might behoove the winning chef to pay a bit more attention to what they cooked and how they cooked it.
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    Ilan is one of my favorites so far. Well, he was my top choice until I read his bio. A debater who never shuts up . . . such a turn off. But, I still think he's a very capable chef, and he's among the top, along side Elia, Mia, Cliff, and Betty.

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    he seems a bit too egotistical for me.
    not to mention that he's a sore looser (his comment about team vietnam's pork pho not being very good on the second show after being told his team lost).
    don't like him.

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    I agree that Ilan should have kept his mouth shut about his teams food, but I'm overlooking that at the moment. Until he gives a reason to dislike him, a good portion of us here in the Village are pushing for him.

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    So far he's cooking up some good stuff (I loved the look of his corn dish last week). Personality aside, I think he's going to go far in this competition.

    Besides NO ONE is as annoying as Marcel! LOL

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    I haven't watched the show yet, but I am a regular at Casa Mono and just learned that one of the Casa Mono line cooks is a contestant. Ilan is always polite, says hello, acts friendly. He seems like a fun guy but is very serious about his food and is a really great cook (and I know what I'm talking about). I now have top-chef dvr'ed and I look forward to seeing Ilan kick @ss!

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